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Apr 11, 2009
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Did you know that, despite more than a decade of existence, there are countless Redskins fans who ...


It's hard to believe - but it's a fact. The interwebz are a vast endless sea of content and sites, big, obscure, and everything in between. We don't spend major money on advertisement for a couple of reasons. First of all - it's expensive, and providing a free community for anyone who wants to join, we'd much rather spend our cash on enhancements and improving the site experience for you all. Secondly, without a massive budget, advertising just hasn't been very effective for us.

But we do have a secret weapon. Our community members. You all know that this is a special group. You know it's somewhat unique for a sports-themed discussion board. We actually promote civility, friendly exchange, and camaraderie. In a virtual world where screaming at one another, snark, and disrespect is what we've come to expect and accept, this place is an oasis.

One thing that we'd like to see much more of is our own members promoting the community they love. One of the major benefits of our new platform is that it is incredibly easy to do so. On every single page of this site, you'll note a 'Share this page' option at the bottom of your screen. On any social media platform you are a part of, the 'Share this page' links let you immediately post a link to a BGO forum, page, article, or post. If every active member were to share just a couple of content pieces a week, we would have the most energetic marketing campaign we've ever had.

Give it a try. We would really appreciate your help. We are already seeing new members join since the new site was launched. It would be a shame to have wonderful potential new members out there, looking for a Redskins community to be a part of, but never able to find us. You can help keep that from happening.

Sharing is good :)

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