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Random Thoughts

I think Mike might enjoy this. Heck of a story. Wrestlers are just a different breed.

I heard this story listening to Chris Cooley on a podcast. These guys are in the college wrestling program that Cooley helps coach.
WBC final tonight at 7 on FS1, USA vs Japan, this past weekends games were nuts, I love the quicker pace, refreshing.
Cocaine Bear - fun, enjoyable, stupid but good and enough horror. Feels like an 80's horror flick with better camera's and doesn't take itself seriously.
Yeah, I’ll have to see that one at some point, lol…
83 in Ohio and it's perfect. Tuned the tractor up and mowed the back lawn. So incredibly high and thick...it's a perfect day for a fire and cigar.
Why do I have the constant desire to teach Rick Snider how to dress, eat, and comb his hair?
Let me start this rant by saying dallas sucks. We all know that, but this is about the metro dallas area. We were flying back from San Antonio with a 90 minute layover in Dallas. Except we couldn’t take off because they held our plane on the tarmac in San Antonio for over an hour. They said that dallas wasn’t allowing any air traffic and that’s why we couldn’t take off. We land in Dallas, taking what seemed like the longest route possible, only to sit on the tarmac in Dallas for about 30 minutes. The 90 minutes of just sitting there meant we missed our connecting flight hime

I call American and they can’t get me another flight home until today, which is actually tonight. Nothing in the morning, I have to wait almost 24 hours for the next flight. They won’t cover any hotel expenses because they say they can’t control air traffic delays. The irony of course is that the plane we were supposed to take home landed without issue during the time we were told there was no air traffic. What gets me is why did they hold us on the ground, leaving us any hour flight away from our destination. I get you can’t just stop once you are in the sky, but they knew the weather was clearing since they kept giving us updates and other planes were landing soon after that. Why couldn’t we start our journey so that we could be closer when the sky’s clear?

Enough about the airlines, here is where the Dallas rant kicks in. First off, that airport sucks. It’s a total dump. One of the dumpiest airports I’ve ever been to. Hideous layout as well. Once we got everything straightened out, we booked a hotel with a free shuttle. They told us where to go and it had to be the sketchiest part of any airport I’ve ever been in. It was the end of the terminal and it was dark, dank, and smelled so bad. The lights didn’t even work in that area, except for 2 that would flash every few minutes. Even one of the other hotel shuttle drivers said this is like in a horror film with no lights and that occasional flash.

We waited out there for over an hour. We called at 8:38 and they said the driver‘s next route would be at 9, so about 9:15 he’d be there. I called at 9:25 and the guy at the front desk was apologetic and said the driver would be leaving soon to get us. But he also had to get someone else too, so it may be 10 minutes or 20 or 30. It ended up being 20 minutes. During our time waiting, we saw shuttles for pretty much every other hotel. Even another one of the same brand came by twice. The second time he told us to call them back. I wish we had that driver, he was nicer than ours. We get to our hotel and it’s now about 10:15. The hotel is at least mostly clean, quiet, and safe. There was of course a light in our room that would not go all the way off. I hate being in a hotel room with lights on all night. But we were able to somewhat sleep.

But before that, I put in an order at a restaurant I can walk to since I had not eaten since 1pm. I go in and pick it up. I ask the girl if there is any silverware/plasticware in there. She says yes that she personally checked it was in there. Obviously she was looking for a tip, but I didn’t give one since it was takeout. I get back to the room and look in the bag. No plasticware anywhere to be found. So much for her personally checking. So far, I’ve yet to find anyone or anything in rush city that has their act together. It’s all one big mess.

Now we are just waiting around for our flight to leave. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. There were a couple of earlier flights that popped up today, but they would take us to another city first where there is the potential to get stranded there. Now we just wait and wait and hope we can make it home and get out of this awful city.
DFW airport vs Atlanta - which one do I hate most, DFW, least Atlanta has a smoking section in that cesspool of a disaster. Miss SO is flying into Dulles Friday for the first time, me chuckles already at her misfortune (albeit I haven't been through Dulles in a decade).
To add to the nonsense. I looked at flight aware and saw that the flight we were supposed to take, didn’t even take off until 9:09. Well over an hour after we got to the gate and said it was closed.

The good news is that we were staying right near Main Event, so we have been bowling and playing some of the other games to kill time. At least there is that.

Late Night Update:
Finally boarding the plan an hour late. Why couldn’t last nights flight be late? Of course, we still have taken off and we need to get to Greensboro safely, but there is at least hope now.

My sister told me not to hold Dallas against all Texans. I told her I confirmed what I already knew. Dallas is the worst city in America.
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Atlanta airport, still sucks, but the Braves stadium is really nice only good thing about this work trip is we're staying a block away the stadium so I've been able to catch some baseball on the companies dime.
The amount of smoke from this fire in Canada is insane. The air quality is 289 which apparently is very high. Even with my loss of smell I can still tell the air is bad.
Yeah, it’s like 142 all the way down here in Carolina!
182 air quality today

Not looking hot for the 4th unless we get some rain to knock this down
Breaking the addiction

No more social media for me. I've been off Facebook for a few weeks, I've quit Instagram, never used Twitter. It just got to be where I was staring at my phone and not doing anything else. I've got too much going on and two little boys who want my attention.

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