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On the running game in the second half:
“Samaje Perine ran the ball really well. He had explosiveness, was really sudden, ran with heavy pads and he has a good forward lean to him. I don't know what suddenly got going in the second half, but we had a couple of drives where we were able to repeat run plays over and over and get productive yards, productive gains, and it made a big difference in the outcome.”

On the third-and-15 play:
“We had a play call there, there aren't a lot of play calls for a third-and-15 that get in the end zone, so I read the coverage and looked at what my one route that might've been able to score was looking like – I didn't like it – and I felt some pressure so I just tried to escape up and to the right and kept my eyes downfield and found Jamison Crowder all by himself and he was pretty wide open, made for an easy throw. I think just the longer I play, I'll get a better feel for how to move and escape. Part of the reason you also make that play is that you take six sacks. I didn't take six sacks last year. I didn't take six sacks a game in 2015. If you're going to make those kind of plays, you've got to be willing to take a sack here and there. That's been a big difference this year, I've been taking more sacks here and there and probably not forcing the ball into coverage or throwing those scary throws as often as I have in the past.”

On how the team persevered:
“This game just tests you every week and you have those moments throughout the game that emotionally you just get punched in the gut. That interception return was certainly one of them and we always live by that mantra, ‘What's important now?' and you go to the sideline and rework it and rework it and say now it's a tied game and we move forward and play good situational football going forward. We found a way to win and the defense kept us in it game all night long and was proud of the resiliency we showed once again.”

On challenges with rotations in the offensive line:
“I do believe that a couple of those were coverage sacks. I don't really know that was the offensive line in a couple of them. In a couple of them we may have gotten beat. It's a mixture of reasons we took them tonight and I'll go back and look at some and see if there's anything I can do, but for the most part they have a good pass rush, they spend a lot of money to have a good pass rush and so they're going to get theirs too, they get paid and they made some good plays tonight as well.”

On the touchdown pass to WR Josh Doctson:
“We called it a throwback in the sense that he's not the number one there. We were trying to work Niles [Paul] down the sideline off play-action and hope that we could get the defense to bite on the fake. They didn't bite. They had a coverage before the snap that didn't looked like they weren't going to bite. Josh [Doctson] did a good job trying to sell, you know, run to the right and then he's supposed to just kind of sell that, sell that, sell that and then whip out of it and be an outlet for me late and he did the rest. He got separation and made a great catch and kept his feet in bounds.”

On his connection with WR Jamison Crowder:
“Jamison [Crowder] and I have had a good rapport since he showed up as a rookie. In 2015, he had a ton of production. Last year he had some incredible games. There were times when even with Pierre [Garçon] and DeSean [Jackson] we would walk away from a game saying, ‘Crowder may have been our best receiver today.' He's very talented. We've just got to get him opportunities. There was a couple of routes where we gave him the freedom to choose how he wanted to run it and we just got to make sure he's running it the best he can every time because when he does, great things happen.”

On the interception:
“Yeah, I just felt pressure on my right side and I don't know that there really was. I felt Morgan Moses was pretty close to me and I thought that if I don't get this ball out quick, I may get strip-sacked on my right side. I was trying to work a basic in cut to my left versus Cover 2 and it wasn't there and so I was going to have to check it down anyways. I just felt rushed because I felt like they were going to get my arm if I didn't rush it so I kind of came up quick and tried to dump it quickly and the ball was a little high and just ended up very unlucky.”

On Doctson's development:
“I'm really excited about his development. I think it's still a work in progress. I think that he gives us an element in the pass game that I don't feel like we've had in the past and I also feel that he has a unique skill set in it of itself that it's not like every receiver we have has it. So, we've got to put him out there, we've got to use him and give him opportunities, and I've got to throw the ball with accuracy so he can make those plays. We've got a long ways to go to develop him into the receiver we need him to be but he's certainly on his way.”

On loss of RB Chris Thompson:
“I've said to myself many of times in game plans, in practices, and in games, ‘Boy, if we lost Chris Thompson, that would be really, really hard.' To lose him and to have a short week just felt extremely difficult. I was very impressed with Byron Marshall – the way he has picked up the system this quickly. I thought he handled it, he was very composed – obviously the interception was a tough play. He's got some juice to him and he can help us. Samaje [Perine] obviously has stepped up the last two weeks. You know, on a short week it is very challenging and there were several plays that I would chalk up to the fact that they were sloppy because it was a short week. We just didn't have the reps that we needed to on these plays and didn't have the feel for them that we would normally have going into a game and some of those mistakes happen on a Wednesday and Thursday and don't happen on a Sunday, but on a short week you saw them happen on a Thursday night and I'm just glad we found a way to win.”


On how the defense played today in comparison to last week:
“We just executed better. Obviously [the Giants are] familiar opponents so even though it was a short week, I think that helped us out a lot, and guys were making plays. Getting off the field on third down I think was huge as well.”

On facing OL D.J. Fluker:
“Whether you're facing an All-Pro or a rookie backup, my mind set is, ‘I've got to get there.' So that was my approach today.”

On the injuries along the Redskins' offensive line:
“They had a lot of turnover, unfortunately, mainly because of injury, so it's really been a weird year in that way. But you've got to credit guys like [Tony] Bergstrom and Arie [Kouandjio] who came in today, and Ty [Nsekhe] who came in and played pretty well.”

On if he knew he joined Jared Allen, Derrick Thomas, DeMarcus Ware and Reggie White as the only NFL players since 1982 to open a career with seven straight 7.5-sack seasons:
“Actually no, one of our guys, [Senior Writer and Content Coordinator] Stephen [Czarda], already made me aware of that. That's pretty cool, pretty cool and obviously some pretty cool names, those are some pretty good pass rushers, and having that company in some way is pretty cool.”

On beating a division component at home and playing as a unit:
“This is pretty darn sweet. Any time you come on a Thursday game, they're pretty tough to get your body and your mind ready for a Thursday game, so when you can come out here and perform like we did on a Thursday, it's Thanksgiving, a division opponent and all the hype around it, it's pretty awesome.”

On finding consistency throughout the season:
“Just keep working, guys, they have to take care of their bodies, now that the season is getting in the later stages. I think that is going to be as important as anything. We have to stay on top of our health, other than that, it's just executing. We did not execute last week in the two-minute drill against New Orleans and this week we executed almost in every way against New York.”


On getting a win against a divisional opponent:
“That was a big win. It's always good to win against a division rival and just to get back on the winning track is huge for us after suffering two tough losses.”

On what was going well with him and QB Kirk Cousins:
“I don't really know. He was just able to find me and I was able to make some plays, just to help out the offense as much as I could.”

On the importance of the win:
“It was good. It was big. We needed a win right here. It's good momentum going into next week and we got it done.”


On taking the lead at the running back position:
“I can't think about it like that. If I think about it like that, I'll overwhelm myself. I've just got to go in open-minded and just do my thing. It's an unfortunate situation, but I have to play for those guys and that's what I did tonight. I went out and I was thankful for them and everything that they taught me in the short time I've been here and I just went out to play for them.”

On what went well in the second half:
“Our mind was just getting moving off the ball. They did a great job. We knew they had a bigger interior but they stepped up to the challenge and they did a very good job of getting movement and getting some holes opened up for us.”

On if something changed to spark the offense:
“No – we just had to stay the course. We knew they were going to come out fired up, they just came off a big win. We just had to stay the course and then things started going our way.”


On the defensive performance:
“We did good, but we can do better and we will do better. We have to go back and get ready for the Cowboys next and make sure we are on our ‘Ps and Qs' because we can't relax. We have to keep the pressure on.”

On how they were able to get pressure on the quarterback tonight:
“The communication between the defense and also the coaching staff – making sure we were prepared for everything.”

On what this win means on a short week and with another division opponent in a week:
“Nothing, it doesn't matter because it is one game a week. The game is over and we have got to go on to next week. 1-0 in every week.”


On how the pressure on QB Eli Manning helped the secondary:
“It helped it a lot. It made it easier for us in the back end. Nobody was getting on us quick. They can't really do too much dancing because [Eli Manning] really has to get the ball out of his hand and if he held it any bit, our D-line was there. It was good.”

On if the defense felt extra pressure in a low-scoring game:
“No, not at all. We didn't feel any pressure at all. We knew the task at hand and that's what we wanted to go accomplish.”

On how the secondary played as a whole:
“I feel like we played good. There were some things that we could still get back – if we can get our hands on more balls – but at the same time I think we did a pretty good job to contain what they had.”

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