Post-Game Skins Quotes 9/15/19: Skins Players

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On the offensive performance:
“I think those guys played well. Obviously, there's some plays that I want back. It's a lot of things you know. I think offensive-wise, we did a great job pass blocking. There was only one sack again against another great front. I thought they did a great job. Guys made plays downfield. But there are definitely some balls that I want back. We fought hard, man. We left it all out there. Do we make mistakes? Yeah. Are there plays that we could have made that would have changed the course of the game? Yeah, for sure. And that's football. We are going to go learn from it and keep going.”

On WR Steven Sims Jr. and the versality of the offense:
“Yeah, we have so much offense. It's unbelievable what those guys can do upstairs. And some of the looks that they're able to produce and getting guys open. Different formations and just getting guys out in different spaces. These guys, man, they are some of the best I've been around doing that. We just got to keep attacking and hitting our shots when they come.”

On what needs to change going forward:
“A lot of things. We need to win. I think some of our goals are taking care of the football. We have to be able to convert on third downs. We've got to be better on third downs. There are some crucial third downs that we get off the field and they will score points over seven to 14-point swings. Just crucial situations like that. Me having a better plan for what they are doing or their adjustments and seem to feel better and take what they give me.”

On if he is one of the veterans needed to pull the team forward:
“No doubt, no doubt. I think a quarterback's always going to be a leader. Getting elected captain was special for me and it means a lot to me. Yeah, I think it's on us. I don't think anybody has to be anybody that they're not. We just have to come in and be ourselves and work hard. And that's what we do. I've been around this team for a short while compared to other guys, but they work man. There's a lot of guys putting in a lot of hours every day that care a lot. I think we got a great opportunity here coming up on Monday night. I think it'll be another really good defense coming in a playoff caliber team. It will be a really fun atmosphere. The stadium here at home on a Monday night, I think it'll be rocking. It'll be fun.

On going for it on fourth and seven:
“Yeah, it was big time. That kept us in the game. It was a great catch, a great route. I was able to hang in there and get great protection. And I was able to get on the ball and Trey [Quinn] made a great play. Honestly though, for me, I'm looking here and I think we were two of nine on third downs. If that's final, that's not really where we need to be on third down. We need to convert on third down because I don't think that let's get it done.”

On them being challenged on longer second and third downs:
“Yeah, I think we had a couple of longs due to the holding penalties. Whatever it was – negative plays that did put us in first and second long – well, I thought we had a lot of third and medium to short. Which is where we want to be maybe like one or two third and really long. But we just have to execute a good plan. And we weren't able to execute. I think the times we did execute early on in the first half; Trey [Quinn] made a great catch and got the sideline and we converted that third down and scored a touchdown. The other drives and off the top of my head, we had to convert fourth downs to go and score a touchdown. That's what it's about. It's about converting on third down and try not to get the fourth down. We're converting on fourth down and those all led to points when we did actually convert.”

On if it felt like the offense struggled today:
“There were times when we struggled, but Dallas has some really great players and they did a great job adjusting to some of the success we had. It feels like a lot of it is us stopping ourselves. We had some great opportunities to get the ball down the field and we didn't. It's the NFL, everybody is good. We got another good team coming in this week [Chicago Bears]. We have to reload our shells and come back firing.”

On cleaning up the penalties:
“It's on all of us. I need to get the play quicker, the offense needs to communicate better. It's all of us having better technique, it's me not rushing out of the pocket that way if I have a good pocket. The lineman aren't having their man run away resulting in a holding call. So, it's on all of us. It's stuff we can work on, watch film on and come back and get better.”

On the inconsistency in the first two games:
“I have to go back and watch this film. There's a couple opportunities right before the half but we got a few penalties that forced us to have to punt the ball. Then they [Cowboys] come back down and score, which was a big swing in momentum. Just a few players make the difference in the game and that's how the NFL works. That's why everybody is so good in this league and that's why we grind out every play in practice because you never know which one is going to make a difference in the game.”

On rookie WR Terry McLaurin:
“We're still learning what Terry can do as of now.”

On the WR Paul Richardson Jr. miss on third down:
“I totally missed Paul. He was wide open for a touchdown and I just totally missed him.”

On the difference between game 1 and game 2:
“We'd all like to throw touchdowns every play and throw deep passes successfully. It would be great to throw it to Vernon [Davis] and he jump over people. Those are great plays, but sometimes you must grind it out. It's not always going to look pretty either, but I trust all those guys in that locker room and know that they're going to fight no matter what. None of us expect to be average. We all want to score 100 points a game.”

On the timing with offensive players:
“We'll keep getting better at the long ball, but everybody is different. I overthrew Terry [McLaurin] on the deep ball but found some other guys. That's what the NFL season is about. It's about progressing and finding what you do well to be better at it.”


On his reaction to the game:
“Yeah, I thought we came out and it was pretty balanced offensively – running the ball, throwing the ball and creating a drive. Then I think coming out in that second half, they really kind of hurt us and put points on the board and we kind of got down about two scores, so that kind of switched the momentum and how we called the second half. It was a rough second half for us.”

On preparing for the Bears while also keeping in mind that the stakes are raised because of the 0-2 start:
“Yeah, this one is in the books. We've got to get ready and get prepared for Chicago who is another great team on both sides of the ball. But I feel like we have so much potential and we have what it takes to be a great team. I feel like once we watch this film, guys will be able to see the things that we were able to do better, eliminate those things and come back and get a W against Chicago.”

On how it made him feel to hear the fans chant his name today:
“Yeah, I heard it. It makes me feel good to have the support of the fans. That is always what you wants as a team and as a player.”

On passing Jim Brown for No. 5 on the NFL's all-time rushing touchdowns list:
“Man it's a blessing. It just continues to show me how blessed I am to continue to play this game in year 13, to have the opportunity and ability to pass the greats who paved the way. He was the first one that paved the way for us. This one means a lot more than the other ones will when I pass them because Jim Brown is a guy I looked up to. I had the opportunity to talk to him on several occasions and just the look in his eyes when I'm talking to him it's just like… it's motivating to me. It feels good to have passed him today but it's bittersweet because we didn't get this divisional win.”


On the loss:
“It's the division between two main rivals, so me personally, I have to assess what I can do better. Make Case's [Keenum] job even easier. The penalties kind of set us back, and I know against a team like the Cowboys, you can do that.”

On losing momentum in the game:
“We were moving the ball. We were running, passing. I thought we had them really on their toes. We had some penalties here that set us back and that allows the defense to bring pressure.”

On starting 0-2 and needing a win:
“You don't want to lose any, but we got to put this one behind us somehow. Get healthy. We got a lot of guys banged up. Get ready for another [Chicago] Bears team that's coming in with another solid defense. It doesn't stop in the NFL. You can't lay your head down. You just got to get back to work.”


On his first touchdown of the season:
“It felt good. That's what I signed up for to help the team win.”

On the offensive struggles:
“It was frustrating. We want to run the ball hard. We want to put the ball in the air so we can make plays. We know that it's possible. We've been able to do it. The more balance we stay and more on schedule we stay, the more successful we are. We got to stay on schedule and stop staying behind the chains the way we are.”

On RB Adrian Peterson:
“I appreciate him bouncing back from last week. Anybody could have been frustrated. He stepped up as a leader. He stepped up as a man, he stepped up as a ballplayer, as a teammate. He came out and put all that stuff behind him and left it on the field. When he came out, he performed for us and I appreciate that.”

On 0-2 start and turning it around:
“We got to bounce back. We got a Monday Night Football game that's real important. We know how important these division games are, but we can't go backwards. We got to push forward. We beat Dallas here last year, and Dallas won the division. So we got to finish off the season strong. It's only week two.”


On the frustration of not having the defensive line at full health:
“It's a part of overcoming adversity. When your name is called, you gotta be able to step up. That's apart of being in the league, you gotta be able to play, you gotta be able to step up, you gotta be able to make something happen when you step on the field. Nothing else to say about that, it's just the NFL.”

On how the defense can improve heading into Week 3 and beyond:
“Just keep pushing. Keep having confidence in each other. Just stay by each other's side, move together. That also comes whether it's the offense or special teams moving, the more we come together as a team, the better we're going to become as a team overall. We have to talk.”

On the play of the defense through two games:
“It's hard. Guys go down, you gotta be able to fill in. It's hard. We got a lot of young guys, I'm young myself. We gotta be able to move on. You got a long drive, you gotta stay strong and stay consistent. It's a part of the NFL, it's apart of the game. That's all I can say about that.”

On if they learned anything about themselves:
“Just keep working, just gotta keep working.”


On battling through injuries:
“Those guys are going to be able to get back to where they're supposed to be so they can help us out. Next man up, that's one thing you always know at [defensive back].”

On if he's surprised about the early struggles in the secondary:
“Not really a surprise. It's the NFL. Everyone is special. We can say we have a great defense, but we have to go out there and play like that. Other than that, we just have to go out and compete.”

On bottling up the emotions of the 0-2 start:
“We gotta stay together. A lot of people are going to try to pull us apart. Media out there is going to try to pull us apart, but it's an 0-2 start. We got 14 more games to get better. Hopefully we can come out with the right mindset Monday night.”

On if he's surprised about the defensive performance in the first two weeks:
“Not really surprised. Like I said about injuries that occur that stopped us and getting us winded on long drives. That comes on our part of getting off the field. Just gotta communicate better and become a better defense.”


On the short comings defensively:
“We gotta for a full 60 minutes. Not 55 out of 60 plays. It's just really down to that. It's how you're supposed to play. Games are left at that. At the end of the day, we're not going to dwell on that. We gotta get on to Chicago and we'll watch the film. We gotta be critical of ourselves. We gotta do more.”

On if the injuries and youth lead to issues:
“Yeah, but we'll never use that as an excuse. We're not going to say, ‘We have a guy out here, we have a guy out here.' Everybody in this game, they're here for a reason. No matter who it is, whenever your number is called upon, you have to be ready to play. Whatever you have to do.”

On how the defense can improve:
“We go back and take away those explosive plays, it's a different ballgame. We gotta get back to watching film. Gotta be critical of ourselves. Gotta be continue to work.”

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Part of the problem here is that veterans like Moses, Scherff and Norman on defense are among the players who continue to take penalties and get beaten.

So, who exactly are the younger players supposed to look up to and rally around?

We sure as hell know it won't be Gruden.

Doc Walker said the younger players are not being given a chance to succeed.

Look at Allen's comments about how their team prepared at Alabama last year and how what he was seeing here was surprising to him.

There's nothing zen mystical about our dysfunctional approach.

It just defies belief that we continue running this movie.
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