Post-Game Skins Quotes 11/24/19: Redskins Players

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On earning his first win in the NFL:
“It felt great just having the opportunity to be playing this game with my guys and have some fun doing it. It was a great win.”

On why he wasn't in the victory formation on the last play of the game:
“I was so hype, I broke a water bottle. I look up and we're in victory. I thought the game was over with already, but I'll get it next time.”

On missing some open targets early in the game:
“My wrist is pretty banged up.”

On being a closer:
“Closing is what I do, so every opportunity I get I try to hold out my hand and help the team win.”

On what this win means to the fans:
“I bet it means a lot. There are Bullis fans and fans from other high schools in the area that go to the games. It's surreal to me because growing up in this area, I know how important is for us to win football games. Now that I'm part of this and the guy running the show, it means that much more to me to get the win at home. I do it for my family and the people supporting the Redskins.”

On if the selfies with fans was done during or after the game was over:

On the throw to WR Terry McLaurin to set up field goal and scramble on the last drive:
“The play to Terry, we were looking for [WR] Trey [Quinn] and we didn't exactly win the way I wanted to throw it so I progressed with my progression. Stepped up in the pocket and Terry made a great play on a really good corner. He did a great job. The scramble, I was flushed up in the pocket, making a play and getting the first down. That's how those two plays went.”

On staying confident towards the end of the game:
“Whatever happened in the game is over with. It's a new series, new opportunity and new play. It's a new play mentality that we have here. Of course, you learn from what happened previously. But you don't go into a new series with, ‘oh we messed up on this play last series or couple series ago, we didn't score.' Every opportunity to go on the field is an opportunity to make plays, score points. That last drive was us coming together as an offense and making some plays.”

On the scramble where he took a hit:
“I knew we would win the game before we even played. It's a matter of executing, and I missed some throws and that's part of playing the position. That last series was an opportunity to pull up and make it happened for my guys. Defense did a great job. Special teams did a great job. That last series was all on me as far as helping the offense go down the field and make something happen. I looked everyone in their eyes in that huddle and told them we're going to do it and we did.”

On speaking with WR Terry McLaurin:
“He talked to me telling me, telling me about the culture. How we're a part of this and how we're going to make big changes around here. He missed some plays. I missed him. He dropped a couple. That's just a part of the position. I never give up on any of the guys. Throw to any of them. They never give up on me. That play was a testimony of overcoming adversity throughout the game. That moment was special for me because even back in college, Terry was one of the first guys to believe in me. We're on the same team together. I think he is a great player, great dude and even better person. That play right there is just us trusting each other to make it happen. Never giving up on one another. We just shared that moment together knowing we're going to be here for a while and win a lot more games like that.”

On other discussions with McLaurin throughout the game:
“He was playing a good corner. My philosophy going into that game was to never underthrow Terry because of how good the corner was. Placed the ball pretty good so if I was going to miss, I was going to miss deep and out wide so he wouldn't have the opportunity to put his hands on the ball. Talked about it. I missed him. He could have connected on some of it. He still had five catches for 72 yards. He makes great plays. Makes uncontested catches. He does not care who is guarding him, he is going to win so that's why I'm proud of him.”


On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s improvement as the game went on:
“Clutch moments – some players handle it, some don't and obviously he handled it. Early on, we all just had to rally around him and then make those plays on our end on his end. That's all we had to do.”

On whether it's fun to see the offense click:
“Yeah, it's fun because you know how much work you put in. To me, it's scary to see all the young guys like me, [WR] Terry [McLaurin], [WR Kelvin Harmon], [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.]. It's a lot to prepare for for them.”


On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. getting in rhythm late in the game:
“It's the clutch factor. Some players have it, some players don't, he obviously has it. We're all young, but we're going to rally around him and make those plays on our end and on his end. It's all going to get better.”

On if he enjoys seeing Haskins Jr. come along:
“It's fun because you know how much work he puts in. You know how talented he is. To me, it's scary to see all the young guys – me, [WR] Terry [McLaurin], [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.]. It's a lot to look forward to in the future.”


On how the defense played:
“It's all about the other 10 players, they played their hearts out today. [CB Quinton Dunbar] is the best corner in the league and I'm just trying to be like him, learning from him. We just had a good game.”

On how team played as a whole:
“[WR Steven Sims Jr.] is a hell of a player. He gets the ball in his hands and he's going to make something happen. I'm just proud of [QB Dwayne] Haskins [Jr.] getting his first win – that's big time. He had a lot of poise, he played well and he led us to victory.”

On how it felt getting the first home win:
“Great. We needed it, we've been working hard, we've been battling hard and it's about time. We're on to the next.”

On preparing for his start:
“Just play ball. That's all I'm here to do, play football.”


On his interception late in the fourth quarter:
“Just trying to make a play for my team in clutch situations, that's pretty much it.”

On pulling out the win:
“I definitely knew we were going to [be fired up] today. In a team meeting yesterday, [Interim Head] Coach [Bill] Callahan ripped us apart and guys didn't take that too fairly and wanted to come out here and prove that they were something that he said that they weren't.”

On how it feels getting the win:
“It feels good, but I'm not going to get complacent and I'm not going to let the guys get complacent, especially the guys in the defensive back group. I feel like it's my job to keep the guys on their heels and knowing that it's a consistent lead, so just to stay consistent.”

On Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan's message during the team meeting:
“[Interim Head] Coach [Bill Callahan] is going to try and use all his tactics to try to get his guys going. Obviously, we haven't been having a great year, so I guess he's just trying to find different ways to get us going and keep us going. That's pretty much it.”

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