Post-Game Skins Quotes 11/24/19: Bill Callahan

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Opening Statement:
“Okay, that was a good win for our team today. I'm really proud of the way our guys fought, how the resilience held up, held in there and just their overall grit. The way they battled for four quarters. I'm really proud of our team and it's really good to come out on the winning end of this. I couldn't be more proud of the group of guys in that room. The struggles that we've gone through, to come out with a win today, that was huge.”

On why QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. didn't take the field for victory formation:
“We were looking for him. We were looking for him, too. I think he thought the game was over, so we'll have to find out. I'll have to find out a little bit more. I know that we called the victory formations and [QB] Case [Keenum] came out on the field.”

On the report that he challenged the team last night in meetings:
“I think those moments are private. I think coaches always challenge their team in a lot of different ways, and they responded today extremely well. They came out fast. We came out and made some big plays early. I really credit our special teams. I mean wow. I look at [Special Teams Coordinator] Coach Kaczor and what he's done with that unit from the return game with [WR] [Steven] Sims making the long play on the kickoff return to [P] Tress Way obviously to [K] [Dustin Hopkins] Hop winning it out. I mean those guys are a great group of guys. He's worked extremely hard. I'm glad to see that his unit really shined today and created some really good field position in some really tough times. My hat goes off to Coach Kaczor and the special teams unit for the fine job that they did today. Well deserved.”

On if he thought Haskins Jr. not being ready for victory formation was funny:
“No, I don't laugh at it. I'm happy we won. We'll address that. I'm just pleased that we won the game. The interception was fabulous to close it out. I just have to find out.”

On clock management at the end of the game:
“Absolutely. We could've burned a little but more time. Absolutely.”

On Haskins Jr. overthrowing the ball:
“I believe it's a part of the growing experience of a young quarterback – whether he pulls the trigger too quick, too fast or puts too much on it or trusts too much and doesn't calculate well enough at times. I think all those variables are employed. But you know, he put the ball in position where it couldn't get picked and I think that's a smart play. It does get overthrown at times and does if the trajectory is a little bit deeper, a little bit wider, much more preferred than having it low and inside or down and inside where it becomes potentially a contested or pick-able type play. I think there was sometimes where he did lay it out there. I think he trusts his receivers speed and let them run out of the catch and run under the ball. I think that's pretty common thread in terms of throwing the ball a little bit more vertical, which we did today.”

On CB Josh Norman not playing:
“We addressed that during the week – myself, [Defensive Coordinator] Coach Manusky and [Defensive Backs] Coach Horton all sat down on Thursday and had a really good discussion, dialogue with Josh. He's been fighting through some injuries this year and at times we like to have some plays back for him. I think overall, Josh is a competitor who I really respect and I love. He's an integral part of our football team. And today was really his decision when he came to the stadium as to whether or not he wanted to be activated or inactive because of the fact that he is battling through a lot of things. So with that being said, he's elected to – which I was proud of because he did in the Minnesota [Vikings] game for us when he was injured – and he played in that game. If we needed some today, certainly, he would've stepped up in an emergency role again today as well. I love Josh and I'm proud of him in the way he's handled things and he's a true pro and a lot of ways and you can't say enough about his professionalism.”

On when Norman will go back into the starting lineup:
“I think we'll look at everything again and reevaluate everything going back into the week and see where we're at as we start to begin preparation for Carolina [Panthers].”

On the two minutes before the half:
“I can't recall the situation exactly per play, but I just remember that we had a chance to advance it and read that third one we didn't make. We elected to throw, and we didn't convert it. I think if we had it back again, there's always a time where you could do something different. I thought it was a good play call. I thought what [Offensive Coordinator] Kevin [O'Connell] called at the time was right for what we wanted to do.”

On CB Fabian Moreau:
“He played pretty good. I wouldn't know until I sit down and evaluate the film and look at it in its totality and really give you a better answer tomorrow. But I think overall, generally I thought there were times that I thought our coverage was tight, there were times where you'd like to be a little bit better. We still have a lot of work to do in a lot of areas. They ran the ball pretty well against us. But even still, I thought we were resilient, we had good resolve and came back and made the critical stops when needed to make them on defense. And again, the field position game was critical today and it was good that we had the one in the fourth quarter, and we lucked in to take it and utilized it pretty well with Dwayne [Haskins Jr.].”

On RB Wendell Smallwood:
“I think they all have good roles. They all have good opportunities to play in different roles. Like I said earlier during the week, [Running Backs] Coach Jordan does a really good job of managing the strengths and weaknesses of the backs and according to what plays are in, what plays are being utilized. I think we'll feature the backs appropriately and we try to balance that out from a tendencies standpoint as well.”

On the defense playing more aggressively:
“Well, I think it was in the plan to begin with and I thought, you're right. In the second half, we applied a little bit more pressure on third down. I know that we caught him off guard a few times in the third down situation where we got them to turn the ball over on downs and make them punt. I like the mix today. I like the balance of what we did from zone, pressure, man and also whether we were dropping eight or just rushing for it. I like the balance and I like the mix. I thought [Defensive Coordinator] Greg [Manusky] did a really good job with that.”

On an injury update:
“I don't. I'm going to talk to the trainer once I get done visiting with you folks.”

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