Post-Game Skins Quotes 11/17/19: Haskins, Redskins Players

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On the advice from offensive line:
“Biggest thing with that is trying to figure out the urgency. You have to play the game with some passion. I asked, ‘what do I need to do?' I got some things that were said to me. I tried to apply it to the game. We made some changes and scored some points at the end.”

On his home debut:
“Life is hard. I've got to work harder.”

On what changed after the offensive line's advice:
“After the conversation, it was just, ‘give me the ball and let me play.' That's about it.”

On the second half rhythm:
“Yeah, it was just, ‘give me the ball and let me play.' Give me plays where I'm comfortable. I could throw the ball on timing and on rhythm, not having to worry about if I got one or not. First one is open and if not, the second, etc. So, that was just the biggest thing with that. We made some changes and we did better.”

On emotion from both he and RB Derrius Guice's first touchdowns:
“He was probably more excited than me, but I felt really proud of Derrius and everything he's had to overcome and all of the adversity he's had in his career. That's my brother. For him to rely on me, for me to lean on him, and for us to make plays for each other, it meant a lot for me. I know that he really wanted that touchdown, and he'd seen a lot of plays to get there. I gave him the ball, and I hope we can do some more touchdowns like that.”

On throwing to WR Terry McLaurin:
“That first one, regardless of what the coverage was, I was going to Terry. I got some pressure in the pocket. I saw him drift to the left. I put it out there for him to make a play and that's what he is good at doing. The second play, no matter what the coverage was, Terry is getting the ball. That's just him making plays and being the beast that he is. I'm glad he is on my team.”

On plays that can help him succeed:
“It's tough. You have guys who have been in the league a long time. As a young dude with a new voice, you have to earn their trust. You have to earn that ability to ask for what you see out there. As the game went on telling them what I want and what I think would help us make plays. They started listening to me. I have to keep earning that.”

On evaluating his play today:
“It was okay. It wasn't good enough. We didn't win.”

On the level of comfort he felt today:
“Going into this game, I felt really comfortable. I felt like I was ready to go. That feeling came from working really hard during the week and preparing as much as I could. Doing all I can to be ready to play. Every week, that's a new challenge, new team and new defense. Trying to figure out ways to attack them the best way to win a game. That's something I will continue to work on the rest of my career. Keep applying different techniques and things that can help me out.”


On scoring his first career touchdown:
“I wasn't really thinking about it, I was just thinking about trying to catch up and winning. It was a lot of emotions going through my head at the time, but I knew I had to put it all beside because we were losing. So, it's not about me, it was about the team losing that really stinks, so it kind of took the excitement out of it.”

On the team's mistakes during the game:
“We shot ourselves [in the foot] a lot. I remember one drive I started, it was first and 26 – you can't start drives like that, that sets us up for failure. We've still got guys that can make plays, we need to make plays, we need to execute. Our mind wasn't in it today. We've got to attack this week, we've got to get up on it coming in next week, we've got to attack this week for sure, we've got to clean up all the mistakes and we've got to be ready.”

On his screen pass catch that went for a touchdown:
“When I caught it at first, I wasn't even facing any blockers – like let me get my head around if I get de-cleated, so when I turned around I had good separation with my guards and my blockers and it was daylight, it was off to the races. Had good down blocking from the receivers down the field, the guards and the pullers – they all set it up for me. I just had to finish it.”

On the team's overall play:
“It's just disappointing when we know everything they're doing and still shoot ourselves in the face with mental and little errors. We knew everything they were doing and they did it just as we planned and we still didn't stop, we still didn't execute it, so that's definitely on us. Like I said, we've got to dig into the playbook more, we've got to dig into the film more and the next opponent. We've got to really grab it. We've got to eliminate all the mental errors.”

On what can be improved from this game:
“We've got to all stop being selfish, we've got to play as a unit, as a team. Too many self-inflicted wounds and that's hurting us – that hurts us every game. We've always had the most penalties out of any other team. We've got to cut down on that, that's just hurting us.”

On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. taking a leadership role:
“He's a guy that's taking on a role and we're all following. It's his offense. Like I always tell him, ‘it's your offense, you've got to tell me where to go with protections, tell the line where to go, tell us what routes to run. That's on you.' [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] always has the ability to audible certain plays if he wants to. He has to lead us and we've got to all follow. It's team, it's a team, it's a team – we've got to play as a team, we've got to win as a team and we've got to lose as a team. It's on all of us. We all made mistakes, we all made errors, we've got to fix it fast.”

On whether the offense's success is decided by its young offensive core:
“No because it's not just about us. We've got to have linemen up there that's going to block for all of us, we've got to have all of this. It's more than just three people.”


On the attitude of the locker room:
“Right now, discouraged, kind of down. We had a fighting chance against the Jets, a team that's trying to do the same thing we're doing, trying to get a win. From that standpoint, just kind of down because they're a beatable team and we didn't come out here with our A-game and put our effort on the field.”

On the defense's ability to create turnovers:
“For the team, it lets everybody know that we come out here – defensively – we still come here to play ball, play hard, try to make plays, try to get off the field, try to get our offense the ball as much as possible.”

On whether it's frustrating that turnovers haven't led to points:
“Definitely. When we get turnovers and stuff like that, try to get the ball back for our offense, we expect that. Even three points, seven points, anything that can help us try to get in the range of winning would help.”

On keeping the energy level up in a game like this:
“Just keep fighting, honestly. We really do try to stay on top of each other, we call each other out. I mean defensively we call each other out, make sure everybody stays a part of this team. Making sure if you're not going to put your best effort forward, we don't need you on the field and we're going to let it be known.”


On the impact of the team's mistakes against the Jets:
“Yeah, we're missing tackles, we're leaving guys open. Defensively, those are mistakes you can't overcome. I mean, it's hard enough to win in this league when you're playing well and doing things the right way. When you're making mistakes and beating yourself, you have no chance.”

On whether it's harder coming off the bye week to see the team's performance:
“I mean, bye or no bye it's still disappointing. That factor does add a little bit, but when you're allowing 34 it's going to be disappointing no matter what.”

On the defense's ability to create turnovers:
“That's one positive, but obviously we didn't take advantage of it as a team and we couldn't do more defensively. Not enough today, obviously.”

On whether this season has been particularly tough for him:
“It's obviously been a really tough season, there's no other way around it. I mean, yeah, we were 3-13 in 2013, but right now it's pretty darn tough.”


On the communication issues defensively:
“It's just getting old. At some point, as a grown man in a professional football league, you've got to get it together. As a group – not just singling anyone out, but everybody as a whole – you've got to get better at communicating and taking pride in wanting to communicate.”

On whether he thinks everybody is playing together as a team:
“I feel like it's not a lack of effort and things like that. Like I said, it's just all being on one accord. You can't have two guys doing what they're supposed to do that's playing, then it's this guy the next play. You've just got to be all on the same, one accord.”

On any positives he can take from this game:
“No, there's never no positives when you lose. We got our [butts] kicked, so there ain't no positives in that.”

On the defense's performance today:
“It ain't about knowing what someone's doing. We just got our [butts] kicked. I mean, they stole how many points on us? That's self-explanatory.”

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