Post-Game Skins Quotes 10/20/19: Kyle Shanahan

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On injury updates:
“Injuries we had in the game: [RB Matt] Breida left, he was checked out, he ended up returning, he was alright. [WR Marquise] Goodwin the same thing, he ended up being hurt later but we helped out.”

On how weather conditions effected the game:
“A lot, I mean both teams. Just with the footing and everything how rainy it was. It is not just going and catching, but it is tough to stand up and block people too. I know everyone outside the field always is, just the way it was raining from last night made it a tough game for both sides.”

On how they prepared for the weather:
“I mean to talk about it, but it is really tough to prepare for. It is tough to make it rain in California and ruin our field. We talk about it, but you have an idea going in so we had an idea it was going to be like that.”

On how the defense responded to the first drive:
“Yeah definitely, the first drive is a little bit scary when they got their runs going. Especially that second-and-long with that fake pass when they ran the drop and we had to pull them on third down. Unfortunately, they missed that field goal. They were great the rest of the day. Especially after we turned it over. They were able to stop them right away. The turnover that [DL] Jullian [Taylor] did get where we got three points on that, that was huge and obviously shut them out so it is hard to ask for much more after that.”

On if play calls were limited because of weather:
“Yes it was. That weather was as bad of weather that we have played in since we have been here. Combined with that field, that is how the field always is. It is really tough for anyone to move.”

On additional safety concerns with the bad weather:
“None more than usual. It is just hard for people to stay up. But it was definitely fun watching our whole team slide across the field at the end. We enjoyed watching that.”

On if he considered joining the team slide at the end of the game:
“I did think about it, but I don't think I would have done it right.”

On how much he would want to have a game with zeros on the clock:
“A ton, especially in that weather. It's going to be a defensive game once you do get a lead. It's very tough for either offense to get anything going unless you get a big turnover or something like that, or you get a big play. We had two big plays in offense, one to [WR] Richie [James Jr.] on the third down and I think one to [WR Kendrick] Bourne on the keeper play action that we got down there instead of five. So, you get a couple big plays in those games, but everything usually depends on turnovers and trying your hardest to avoid opening the probability of having those.”

On his trust in his defense once they were in the lead:
“It definitely puts you at ease, especially knowing how that game was going to be. You know both teams are going to have to run in and both teams are going to eventually try for a big shot, so you know you have to commit to the run, just hold on when they take their shot and we're going to keep them from getting those big plays.”

On if QB Jimmy Garoppolo got more comfortable during the second half:
“I think the whole game was pretty consistent for probably both teams in the passing game. I mean you're never too comfortable when you're playing in all the sleet and mud, so I'm glad we made some big throws when we had to. I know he wants to take that interception back, you know just not holding safety enough. But he also made some big plays scrambling with his legs and I think he kept one-third down going. Besides the one-third fourth down shot we took, he did a good job protecting the ball.”

On what the safety did:
“I don't know if you saw him but he was looking at the receiver, hoping the guy would hang in the middle but he didn't, and we just got to hold him a little bit better.”

On what contributed to the ball hanging on to Garoppolo during passes:
“It takes a lot to throw in that weather. Sometimes you get ahold of it, sometimes you don't. It's hard to really drive the ball and it gets caught up in the air a lot, so we did get that one interception. We're fortunate to get that one down to [WR Kendrick] Bourne. I wish safety wasn't an issue but it made it hard to score also, but it was both teams that had to deal with it.”

On if the away game wins boosted the team's confidence:
“I mean as much as we struggled on the road our first two years, I do think that's huge. We had to break a long streak with our first game. Being able to come out here, this was our first time this year having a 10 a.m. kickoff west coast. So I was a little worried about that, trying to come in Friday, but the guys, they were ready to go. They got here early, you could tell they had energy and pregame and I was really excited about just the vibe our players had. They came out hungry. I know it was a messy game, between nine and zero, but just how much they battled throughout it all with the number of guys we were missing, and it was really cool to watch how important it was to them at the end and how much fun they were having in a game like that.”

On if this game felt more magnified than a regular season game:
“I've been in a number of buildings and not all not it always ends good. But it had nothing to do with the game. Everyone's a little more sensitive being that things involve your family, so that's why I'm always a little more sensitive to this with my dad here, and that's why it was nice to get the win. But, it definitely had nothing to do with the game, has nothing to do with the score, but you always want to take care of things the right way when you're bothered by how some things have been for a family member.”

On DL Jullian Taylor playing in the first half:
“It was huge. I mean we got a lot of confidence in [DL] Jullian [Taylor]. He never knows each week whether he's going to be up or not based off of usually other positions and how we're going to play that game, but it was a huge turning point getting that turnover. I think we had them in first or second along in that drive, and that's when we got one of our two penalties. First down gained some momentum, and then Jullian did get that fumble. I was going to give him a game ball but he didn't score, so I told him he had to score to get one. It wasn't easy to score, so he did a hell of a job and that was a big turning point in the game.”

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Let me translate Kyle.

Kyle is happy for the win but really didn't get the kind of 28-3 type performance where he could really lay into the Redskins organization in his postgame comments ðŸ'»


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Let me translate Kyle.

Kyle is happy for the win but really didn't get the kind of 28-3 type performance where he could really lay into the Redskins organization in his postgame comments 👻
I get that he is making a lot of remarks (I read these, read some others, and heard about the game ball of course), but what is this about how he would really lay into the Redskins O if they had won bigger?
I'm not sure.

Anyway, the Redskins Org deserves whatever criticism they get.

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