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Post Article: QB Controversy? I say nonsense!

also, fitzgerald's contract coming up in 2011. they cant franchise him and he is not happy with Max Hall's performance obviously. If we made a move for him it would be HUGE!

Just had a vision of Santana in the slot with Fitz on one side and Armstrong on the other.

Hopefully the erection won't take four hours to subside.
just a question and not an attack on you el.

but why do you think vincent jackson is worthy of that list?
No offense taken my man! I picked him purely on potential, not historical. I have followed what you have said over the last few months as others have mentioned him. That is why I would put him at the bottom of the list, but Shanahan has proven he is willing to take on head cases and I am not talking about Al. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I would like to see someone with his talent lined up in our uni. But, I would much rather see Larry Fitzgerald in a Skins' uniform! I still think we should have gone after Boldin!
I'd have to see some improvement in McNabb after the Bye Week before I make any decisions about locking him up if I'm Bruce Allen. Yeah, his play "seems" to have eroded but he's still better than what we had and maybe what appears to be erosion is simply the by-product of learning a new system.

Campbell had ONE good game against the Broncos, because the entire team was clicking, and everyone thinks it's a big to-do. I'm pretty certain he'll revert back to his old form before too long. One advantage Campbell has though is he knows how to learn a new offense quickly. He's certainly had enough practice at it. ;)

I do think I'd sign McNabb... I'd like to see some stability, perhaps find a younger QB we can mold.

As for Campbell against denver.. what did he do? Pass 20 times and then hand the ball off to the running back? I could do that. (Well, maybe I couldn't do the passing part ::grin::).

The players seem to have confidence in the new "system" and that includes McNabb. And to his credit I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't sure about that leadership quality in him. But I see it both on the field and off the field. As much as I liked Jason Campbell as a person, I don't believe he had the confidence of the players around him.

What we do need to do is find PROTECTION for McNabb or whatever QB is back there.

That's my 2 cents for whatever is worth.


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