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Aug 1, 2009
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Dana obviously knew there was going to be some riff raff surrounding this, I doubt he felt Khabib would lose his marbles and go all Ron Artest in the stands. There's always going to be hype like this in the fight game, it's been going on forever, if only the guys who carried themselves as gentlemen were in the fight game , quite frankly it'd be a bit boring. On a side note, I've watched Derrick Lewis post fight interview 100x, that guy was great.
Haha! Yes! He has become a fan favorite for it.

I will say this about your assertion about the fight game, and the character of the individuals involved. I stopped watching boxing over 20 years ago because I know how corrupt it is. I've seen it with my own eyes, having spent time in a boxing gym watching how they promote fights.

Then I started watching the UFC because any dude would fight any dude, any time...GSP, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn would fight anyone, not avoid fights unless they got the championship bout. Then as the money began to come in, it started to become exactly what I saw in boxing...they don't give the fighters the shots they deserve, they give the fighters who will bring the biggest draw the shots they don't deserve, who have become a big draw for their theatrics. And fans eat that crap up. I never understood the attraction to a fighter like Floyd Mayweather, he was purely defensive, and would not fight the top fighters in the world. He'd always fight, the "right matchup".

I like fight sports,m but the UFC is too much. I will invest time watching Bellator, and the PFL. Soon enough, I see the PFL becoming one of the top fight leagues out there because they have tournaments that require the fighters to earn the title, and get paid as they win/ advance in the league.


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Jul 16, 2009
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ESPN is showing 8 hours worth of UFC superfights right now in case anyone is interested.

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