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Don't Bitch...

Because leaving because you got benched makes you look petty and immature.
And I don’t think the team is telling the truth either. They were ready to move on.
I don't know why he would lie. He has nothing to gain from it. He was very loved here, but we all get it's a business.

With this organization and how so sloppy they are with running things I think the safe bet is they didn't secure him.
I wouldn’t consider it lying. Have you ever left a job and said all the good things about your job, even though you couldn’t have been happier to get out of there? I have. It’s good professional advice I got. Keep it positive on the way out and don’t burn any bridges. You just focus on the good things and know that you may end up back there.
Exactly Kel. It’s like the idea that he went to Rivera and said ‘I think Sam Howell deserves to play’ because it was the right thing to do. Come on - IF that even went down that way, he was pissed he got benched and decided he wasn’t going back in for a meaningless game. It’s obvious that was what happened. He and the team chose to spin it so it didn’t look like what it was.
Sure. That's what it is.

I'm done defending my stance. You guys have at it.
You don’t need to defend, no one’s attacking you. We just have a different opinion.
And I am not beating on Heinicke regardless of what went down. He may well have been done wrong by Rivera (or at the very least Rivera didn’t handle it well). TH has a right to feel however he feels. I’m just saying (as is Kel) that what we say and what we actually feel or think are not always the same.
I think I've been as critical of this team as anyone over the past few years, but honestly I'm not seeing a ton to dislike so far.

Sure, we have a bit of a downgrade at the backup QB spot. I think Heine is probably the best backup QB in the league. Am I going to lose a ton over him getting paid somewhere else? No. Backups come and go. Love the guy, but I think we've all learned that if the season's fortunes hang on Taylor Heinicke starting at QB, the season is already lost. Either The Kid works out or he doesn't. If he doesn't, it won't matter who the backup is.

That said, Brissett is not a terrible replacement for the spot. He's got starting experience. He wasn't terrible playing for the Browns. He's got a decent arm, so the entire offense won't have to be tailored to his skillset. He can do what a backup is supposed to do, which is come in for a few games and not suck. We could do worse there.

Like the moves on the OL. I like resigning Payne. So far, not a lot to complain about.

But the offseason is young. :)

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