DeAngelo Hall...fires back

Not all divisions are created equal


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Apr 13, 2014
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link:Redskins' DeAngelo Hall learns Keenan Robinson plays for Giants, fires back |

DeAngelo Hall...fires back

EAST RUTHERFORD — DeAngelo Hall is just happy to hear Keenan Robinson has a job. Or something like that A day after Robinson, a Giants linebacker who spent the last four years in Washington, called out the Redskins and their perennially dysfunctional locker room, his old teammate had a hard‑to‑believe, and hilarious, retort. "Keenan said that? That's interesting," Hall told reporters Wednesday in Ashburn, Va., according to The New York Post. "Where's he playing at? I didn't know he was even on a team. You can print that."

Kinda surprised it took Hall this long to say something. Never known him to have a shortage of words about anything.

I hope Vernon gets into him. Davis a much better blocker than usually given credit for and will put Robinson into the pain locker (which means Keenan will stay on the sidelines because he got a bruise). What an idiotic thing to say before a game. Unless, of course, he isn't playing and can hide behind Mara's skirt.

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