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Sep 6, 2014
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Mobile, Al.

Well......that was.....disappointing....again. The Caps & Wiz both blew their series & are now watching their respective sports' championships being played for by other teams. For the record, I think the Islanders series was a better one. A lot of good, clean, physical hockey & the right players were making plays. We won that series in Game 7, but the Islanders are not the Rangers. I would have much rather seen the Penguins this time around than the Rangers. We usually fall apart against them because Lunqvist gets in our heads. But this time, it was Holtby giving the Rangers fits. But, they couldn't hold it. I knew this series was lost when we lost Game 5. I knew it was over. Oh well.

Quite honestly, I don't pay attention to basketball, so the Wizards being outed didn't really matter to me, but I was interested in the possibility of both Washington teams being in the playoffs, so I was watching. I can't understand why they do it, but sometimes, these guys open their mouths & seemingly rend their own doom. Ovechkin basically guaranteeing a Game 7 win & Paul Pierce with his "SERIES" taunt to the Hawks' bench.

All this said, I'm a little more than disappointed with the Caps. It is what it is & I'll be back next year, rooting on like an idiot. Because I am an idiot. But I am loyal & I love hockey. And I also am more interested in seeing Braden Holtby's career than I am Ovi. Holtby really stepped up this post-season & matured right before our eyes. He is definitely my favorite player right now. I am looking forward to seeing a long career here for him.

So, on to 2016 & the boys of summer, the Nationals. LETS GO NATS!

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