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Apr 11, 2009
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Personally, I'm not committed to any pov vis QB....with the caveat that Smith is a short-term solution for obvious reasons. As you know, I had some doubts vis Haskins based on some analyses vis performance under pressure (which may have been wrong) and lack of experience in College which I do believe is germane and derivatively contributes to his evident immaturity. More importantly, I think the point is secodary to an O-line that needs serious improvement and stability. Rivera can manage the QB situation as he choses, certainly better than the foot-shooting Gruden. I'm watching the O-line and secondary, Boone, as primary need areas. TE would be really, really nice to to elevate to NFL standards......but I'm focused on aforementioned priorities first. It'll be interesting how FA is handled....and not exclusively what happens with Cam.

btw...the thought wasn't Smith's play was was that Reid had better and knew he needed to make the move to win a SB. The parallel with McNabb is also fairly obvious - unload an aging QB by taking advantage of the Skin's QB problems. Smith is no Favre; no reason to sit MaHommes as was Rogers.

Here's a fun question: are we in a better situation today with Smith/Haskins and drafting Chase (one assumes); or, would we be better off had we drafted other than Haskins and selected from this upcoming draft's better (according to the pundits) QB opportuntities? I know the easy response is that the point is moot. Just the same......
I don’t know Al - but here’s where you I are 100% aligned... I have almost no emotional attachment to Haskins. I do think he’s got a special arm and if everything were to go right, he could well turn into the next Big Ben. I’d love to see that, especially because it would be so cool to have a great African American QB leading the team that reps our nations capital.

On the other hand, if Rivera assesses him and feels he isn’t going to be that kind of player, I’d be all in on drafting the right QB if they felt he was available at pick #2.

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