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BGO Blind Pig: Week 12 - WFT vs. Seattle

Loss Vegas


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Apr 11, 2009
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The guys discuss the past several promising weeks and the upcoming MNF battle against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks…



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Dec 12, 2009
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So good again for this pod on Thursday morning listening, well done gents btw Wilson isn't going to take too many physical chances causing body pain against us, imo I expect he'll be keeping himself focused on a trade this off season, cant do that if injured


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Nov 18, 2012
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Great job as always guys. One thing OM alluded to is how well the team has played since the bye, and it’s plainly evident.

The coaching is definitely different since then, ESPECIALLY offensive playcalling. Less cutesy plays with more emphasis on the run game can probably be credited the most. Takes pressure of Heineken & the more he’s on the field, the more he’s learning. Read a quick take the other day that he’s trusting his wr’s more by throwing to spots, leading them instead of waiting for them to be open.

Another factor could be that Turner is switching up formations and alignments to cut down on ‘tells’ as well. It seems it’s a bit more difficult (last 2 games) for opposing defenses to key in on plays.

The defense has been better after taking Collins out of the secondary. As well as our freelancing DE’s sidelined too. Hopefully Chase Arrington is learning this.
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Aug 4, 2009
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Wanted to add to your convo on Heinicke,arm strength etc.

I agree that as he has gained more experience he's gotten better,you see signs where he's worked on his weaknesses etc.
But it is really no surprise to me that he's performing better(over this two game stretch) since Turner has created more balance in the game plan by running more.
All season I've asked the question: "Why is Turner treating him like a 10 year vet when he should treat him like a rookie and run the ball more so as to not put the whole weight of the offense on him?" Maybe during the Bye, that was one of Ron's suggestions, Run the ball more to get into more manageable 2nd and 3rd downs?
As for me, I've thought since the season started, they've had personnel more suited to running the ball and it's nice that the staff finally came around to that way of thinking. :)

That also helps in regard to the arm strength thing with Heinicke in that when you are successful running the ball, it's makes play action more meaningful to the defense,thus opening those windows just a little bit more for Taylor.
You guys can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember Theismann having a canon for an arm. Trent Green or Montana either.
But they all could move and were smart,heady guys on the field and used that to make up for their arm weakness.

I lean to John's side on Heinicke. He's still got ceiling. How much? No one really knows yet.

Bet it will be fun to find out though.....and I'm here for it! :cool:

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