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BGO Blind Pig: Season's End Wrap-Up


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The guys relive the glory of a Dallas Cowboy humiliation, hail the 2nd coming of QB Jesus Sam Howell, discuss the sudden disappearance of one Scott Michael Turner, and pontificate on what on Earth Ron Rivera may do next at QB and Offensive Coordinator. ***No one making Jay Gruden for OC suggestions was harmed during the making of this podcast***

But only slightly less we'll known is this, never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Sorry, all things TPB make me comment.

Looking at potential QB's, Carr, Jimmy G and then what in FA? And those two will command big money deals, doubtful we'd get a prove it contract from them. At this point, see if TH will come back on top 7 backup money and roll with Howell. As ST stated, no one was putting up points as a QB so why the hell not. I just don't see the QB market where sacrificing big dollars on a "maybe it'll work " makes sense when we've got some FA to think about signing on the team now. None of the top QB's draft wise will be there at 16 and I don't see us trading the farm to move up pending a sale.

For my playoff predictions this week.
Jax upsets San Diego oops LA
Cincy walks all over Baltimore
Bills start resting starters at halftime vs Miami
Giants beat Minny making Cousins the most overpriced QB in league history for mediocrity but good stats
Bucs beat Dallas, Brady gets his starting center back and it starts to click
9'ers vs Seattle, 9'ers by 13

As always we'll done gents.
Yeah, I flubbed the TPB quote!
At least you guys didn’t thing it was The Pig Blind. Doh.
On a side note if you enjoy TPB if you haven't read "As you wish" by Cary Elwes you're missing out.
Assuming TH isn’t open to resigning as the backup, Id like them to go get Gardner Minshew He won’t cost a lot and think you can design an offense that he and Sam Howell can run.
Best pod yet! Really enjoyed all the back and forth between you guys!

Ok, on the whole Sam Howell and whether or not he's ready kerfluffle....
IMO,Ron never had any intentions to play him this year. He wanted to do the old school,draft a guy and sit him a season,let him learn thing.
It explains why he wanted to go back to Heinicke for Dallas and it wasn't until Heinicke told Ron that Sam deserved a whole game, that he relented.

The idea, is nice in theory and in an ideal situation,I'd be all for it. But it depends alot on your starting QB being capable,so that you can afford to do that. But Wentz crapped the bed so bad,that in hindsight, they should have started Sam after the Bears game and rode the roller coaster of rookie QB play.

This offseason is gonna be something else. Of course isn't that what we say every year?

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