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BGO Blind Pig: Commanders Pre-Rookie Minicamp Miscellany


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With help from our special guest Enforcer, the guys hit on a variety of topics pre-rookie minicamp including the resolution of the raging #5 debate, the Commanders RB room, Kliff Kingsbury's offensive proclivities, rookie man-crushes, NFCE draft grades, and a lot more.

Nice pod, guys!

It was very nice to see Om return and the addition of Enforcer was a slam dunk winner. 🥳
I mentioned that Luke McCaffrey is the draftee I am most intrigued to see in the coming months… on Galdi’s podcast this morning he has Mike Kershaw as a guest. Kershaw was Rice’s WR coach for the past 5 seasons (now head coach) and has a lot to say about what we are getting in McCaffrey.
It was good time, fellas! Also, when we talked about defensive starters, I forgot about Chinn. I think he'll start. But I think the'll also use a lot of the secondary guys interchangeably.
I wish we had eyes inside the May minicamp. There's so much to begin to learn. Not just in terms of players, but about how this unit coaches, a little bit about scheme and what practices the team emphasizes. I'd love to see who recovers from mistakes best and who's a quick learner. Who's the natural who feels like a ten year vet coming in. What the mood is?

Everything is brand new and not just for the rookies. Should be a fun weekend for the team to begin to learn about itself.
I only went to one training camp session and I was really surprised. I expected to be blown away by the intensity and the demands. I left thinking that in the shape I was in I could have easily made it through that practice... and I'm no Olympian.
Tress Way has a career average of 46.9 yards.

His new number should be 47
When we were referencing great Washington punters last night, shame on us for not mentioning Mike Bragg…member of the 70 Greatest Redskins, averaged almost 40yds a punt for a decade plus.

Before 5 there was 4 :)
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Interesting note on Bragg. He had a very strong leg and could have punted for a much higher average but Allen wanted high hang time and directional kicks rather than pure distance, so Mike was rarely a candidate for the pro bowl despite his net per punt numbers being among the best.

Back then there were no analytics - voters for the awards only looked at gross average which we know doesn't mean squat if you are straight line kicking so returns are averaging 12 yards, etc.
Hasn't played an NFL game since 2020 due to a series of injuries. He's going to be 29.

Al Galdi made the exact same comment Friday morning that I made in relation to the Virtual Reality stuff, that Washington should go after the LSU staff who ran the VR program - because they clearly had it down to a fine art and were well ahead of any other program in the country in continuing to optimize and improve the software and how he was using it.

On the pod we said that they had already done that, but I don't believe that's true. We purchased the system - but I think the system is only going to be as useful/valuable as the people managing it. I know our Front Office is full of smart people, so I hope they are bringing in the best and brightest to run that program. And I'm not sure there would be better folks to do that than the ones who were killing it at LSU.
The one thing I liked in that interview was that the German company is primarily interested in quality over quantity. A service first commitment. Only a small handful of other NFL teams have been accepted by them.

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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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