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Apr 11, 2009
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I got a call today that I hoped I would never get. My daughter and her boyfriend were in a serious accident. Thank God they are both ok, but the car is done.

They've been together since 2015 and they are both brilliant and don't do anything stupid, so I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Here's my problem with it all. I have lectured them both countless times over being distracted by their phones when they're driving. They both swear up and down he wasn't messing with his phone at all, but after seeing the picture, their story is 100% pure bullshit in my opinion.

The first thing I noticed is his car is a Mercury Sable. I've owned 2 in my life, so I know without a doubt they are front wheel drive. So I zoomed in looking for skid marks behind the wheel, and noticed there is one maybe a foot long. Maybe a foot.

So I asked him again what happened. He said he was driving along going the speed limit (35 on that road) and there was a Jetta in front of them that stopped suddenly. He admitted he was following too close, and claims that's why he hit them. I doubt his story very seriously, because even if you are right on someone's bumper, you aren't generating that amount of damage just by following too close.

I told him the amount of damage and lack of a real skid mark makes it look to me like he was distracted by something, and didn't see the car was stopped until the last second, and essentially hit it full speed.

Am I wrong in this assumption?

Miles Monroe

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Jul 15, 2009
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Did the car have ABS ? Often, you will only have a slight trace, or very short skid marks in a panic stop with ABS when you first stomp the brakes. Odds are he was traveling much faster then he says, and as stated following too close. That can be disastrous even if no distracted. When I wrecked it back in 17, I was doing at least 55 when I hit the other truck. Not a single skid mark from my truck, and I stood on the brake for at least 3 seconds before impact. The FJ had 4 wheel disc, serious stopping power, and ABS. If the car was non-ABS, he was distracted....

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