An alternate POV: The Redskins are a Model of Stability

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Jul 16, 2011
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The theme of the weekend and perhaps this entire off season has been one of instability and dysfunction and certainly arguments can be made in that direction, but I want to point our attention to something a bit different. The Redskins are a model of stability.

You laugh. I can hear you laughing.

It's true.

The HC has been here for three years and has just been extended. Bruce Allen has been with the Redskins since 2009. That's eight years of one mind shaping and guiding the Redskins. If we look at our scouting department, they too have been here forever. Many even longer than Bruce. Now, I hear ya... what's going on with McCloughan! We have a new DC, a new OC, and we don't know what's happening with our QB and our two very good wide receivers. I'll give you that. How can I not? Still, the organization has been intact for quite a while. Our OC left because someone wanted to give him a shot at head coaching. That's a good thing. McVay wasn't going to turn that down. Our DC left because our defense has been terrible for two years (combo of coaching and talent). Again, losing him is not a sign of dysfunction, but proper decision making.

Okay, I can still hear you laughing, but the brain trust of the Redskins is stable. We wanted... I wanted McCloughan to be the chief brain of that brain trust and we don't know quite what's happening there, but it's clear that Bruce Allen was not given a phony title because of his family name. He's the boss of the Redskins and has been for a while. Eric Schaffer has been with the team since Moses parted the Redskins' sea. Scott Campbell has been here since 2006! Eleven years with an NFL team! How can that not connote stability. Doug Williams has been with the Redskins since the 1980's (okay, that's a lie.)

So, the Redskins are not an unstable group. Dysfunctional? Probably. Maybe. We'll see. What's probably true is they have a point of view that we are not in on.The ship no longer leaks (which also a signal of a functional franchise) Now, their plan*may be stupid or wrong, but that doesn't make it*dysfunctional.

How could it be when we have such a stable franchise!

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Mar 27, 2012
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I actually agree with this.

All teams undergo coaching overhauls as staff leave for other jobs etc. so the flux in getting coaches to replace McVay etc didn't distress me. Even then with the guys we've actually promoted into those jobs in house we're keeping stability.

What I seem to be seeing lately is a whole lot of speculation about everything. Trade speculation, FO discord speculation, Scotty speculation... it looks to me this year like the Skins are just playing it professionally, keeping their own counsel and not getting dragged into media created scrums. Honestly it just sometimes looks like we're actually such a boring team now that people have to just make stuff up to create news. That 3 way Romo trade rumour... nothing in what was said held any validity and has been shot down all over the place.

Meanwhile the Redskins have been quiet on all fronts just going about business. They've released news when they needed to and not been pushed into participating in the circus like they have in recent years. It's actually a really refreshing change IMO.

Even the Scotty stuff could very well be just as simple as the family drama they've been peddling to us. I sometimes think as Skins fans we've been conditioned over the years of dysfunction and the press circus to expect the worst.

We should make a thread full of our craziest bogus trades. LOL

Talking about that... A couple of weeks ago when my phone flashed up "Cousins traded to New Orleans" I really thought for a moment we'd ended up with Drew Brees somehow! LOL


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Aug 6, 2016
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That 'Cousins traded to New Orleans' headline got me, too. ☕ sprayed!

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