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5 Reasons it Sucks to be the Stunt Man


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I saw that yesterday. Being a big James Bond fan, I've seen that movie more times than I can count. I love how in the 70s, they did the stunts and didn't just rely on terrible CGI. All the newer movies use too much CGI, including the Bond films and even the Mission Impossible series where Cruise does a lot of his own stunts. I'm not against them using CGI, but when things look so fake, it takes you out of the movie. This stunt here was a masterclass in stunt work.
For whatever reason this doesn't strike me as abusive. The alligators seemingly were not harmed. I suppose they were inconvenienced and stressed by being tied down, but this did not damage them in any way that I can see. I wonder if alligators are not cute and cuddly. Nah, I just don't think it reaches my personal definition of abuse.

More on point, it is remarkable this stuntman kept going. Take three would have me calling it off whether I was the stuntman or the director.
Live and Let Die is one of my favorite Bond movies. I could watch the speedboat chase scene over and over again. In that croc scene, the crocs were ready for him by the third attempt.

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