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2023 Commanders Schedule


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Bears @ Commanders - Week 5 on Thursday Night Football - Repeat from last year.

Not Commanders related, but is schedule related.

If you don't think the NFL is petty... now the weekend that New England will be honoring Tom Brady will be against one of only two teams to beat him in a Super Bowl, in a game hardly anyone believes NE has a chance in.

The NFL is losing their creativity. This will be the 5th time in the last 12 seasons the Redskins and Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving. The games have been good and the teams have split the previous 4. But even as a football fan, you get tired of seeing the same thing over and over each year. I’m all for ruining cowboys fans Thanksgiving, but I just hate the same old same old all the time.
IF true, this is another example of how we get handed those scheduling quirks that always seem to work against us.


and 1 of their 2 home games is against the Jets.... who they share a stadium with.
Damn. Only potential silver lining there is if they survive that opening stretch without getting buried, they will end up with a whole lot of home games down the playoff stretch.
As a side note, one thing Washington has to improve on in 2023 is winning home games. We won just 44.4% of them in 2022, compared to the NYG at 62.5%, Philly at 81.8%, and Dallas at 88.9%.
I loathe holiday games. All I want to do is drink and celebrate, but instead I sit there stressed over the game and then either elated or pissed afterwards.
Spend all morning at the butt crack of dawn getting toys out of packages and then remembering the skins play LOL

Better start drinking now!
Opener against Arizona at Fed Ex. Kevin Sheehan nails his prediction.
Can we just publish the thing already?

This leaking it out a game at a time is juvenile.
I loathe holiday games. All I want to do is drink and celebrate, but instead I sit there stressed over the game and then either elated or pissed afterwards.
Yeah, I’d rather watch games at my leisure on holidays. I’m guessing 2020 is the last time I watched a holiday game start to finish, and that was because it was the Redskins. And since it was 2020, there were only 8 people at my parents house for Thanksgiving. It’s usually a mad house with 40-50 people and even when the Redskins played, it was hard to catch the whole game. Plus, I don’t have much confidence with this team playing in the spotlight. I’d rather them stay under the radar.
1st post updated with official schedule.
I honestly don't know if I'm just really down on this team or if this schedule is just really brutal. But, I can see a way we lose 90% of these games.

I'm not rooting for that in the least bit, but this schedule comes out the gate hard and ends harder.

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