1. The Burgundy Ghost

    Your 2019 Washington Redskins Draft Class

    Every pick made and every trade is all below. This list includes which former players became compensatory picks as well. Each player has a link to a highlight package or in the case of Alexander and Clinton-Dix a link to their player profile and stats. Round 1, 15th Pick (15 overall): Dwayne...
  2. The Burgundy Ghost

    Your 2019 Draft Class As of 3/10/19

    Three weeks ago the NFL released its list of 32 Compensatory Picks to be dealt out during the 2019 draft. The Redskins were awarded a total of 4 compensatory picks (the max allowed per team per year) which was one more than was expected from Over The Cap's Compensatory Pick Projection. So, today...
  3. The Burgundy Ghost

    2018 Draft Evaluations (Throw Out Your Grades)

    So, if you don't feel like reading a long article on the draft, here's a quick summary via anecdote: I had to call my former employers the other day for some information and wound up talking to a former co-worker who follows the 'Skins. He asked me what I thought of the draft (back then I was...
  4. Boone

    Burner's Burning Questions: Mock Draft 2/21/20

    Greetings from BBQ to everyone here at BGO. We hope your week has been a good one. Hello to everyone on social media. We’d love to have you as a member here and become part of the family. You are our honored guests, so sit back and enjoy. The 2020 NFL draft is two months away, but it will be...
  5. Neophyte

    2013 Draft Order - Updated 12/31

    Yeah, I know these threads have been what we all lived for in December in previous years and I know things are like that this year. However, yours truly is a slave to traditions and as I have done this thread each of the last 3 seasons I just can't bring myself to not do it again this year. As...
  6. Neophyte

    First Annual BGO Draft Virtual Tailgate

    While the NFL Draft has a certain excitement level every year for football fans everywhere, this year takes on a special significance for fans of the Redskins. I don't think any fan base anywhere has as much reason to be as excited as we do and that includes the Colts, after all, you could argue...
  7. Neophyte

    Second Annual BGO Draft Prediction Competition

    Well folks, we are a little over 14 days and 6 hours away from being richer by a franchise QB, be that the much anticipated arrival of RGIII or the less likely but almost equally pleasing arrival of Andrew Luck. Heady times, my friends, heady times. So it's with much excitment that we at BGO...
  8. Neophyte

    Best #7 Pick of all Time: Champ Bailey

    Best of the Firsts No. 7: Champ Bailey There are days I wish Gibbs could have figured out how keep this guy. We have had a hole in his position pretty much since the day he was traded.
  9. Neophyte

    2011 Draft Order - Updated 1/3

    I did this last season and it was fun to track so I thought I would do a reprise of it this year. My guess is in years where there are no playoffs forthcoming for our team this will become a staple feature. I will update this once a week so the first post reflects the latest draft order. I am...
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