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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default NFC East Free Agency Primer

    SI - NFC East Free Agency Primer

    I agree with most of what he has to say about Washington except for leaving Carriker off the list of players Washington needs back and putting Montgomery on the list of guys Washington should let walk. Both these guys provided value this last season and fit well with both system and the team.

    The author seems to have forgotten Kory Lichtensteiger is also a FA this off season too and I think he should at least be given a chance to come back from knee surgery.

    He didn't put Gano on either list, which I can see for a media type considering kickers, but I would also bring him back. I just have a feeling he is on the cusp of being a very solid NFL kicker who could do the job in Washington long term, which is something we have not had since Lohmiller retired.
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    Unfortunately i think Carriker is gone.. I don't think he's interested in giving the Org. a home town discount. Plus he will be back fighting for a starting spot vs J. Jenkins. He could become an immediate starter and make more money elsewhere.. Monty, i think we bring him in as a back up (assuming we go after a FA Center like Myers from HOU)
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    Welcome aboard Authentic. I hope you are dead wrong about Carriker, but there are a lot of DT's available this Free Agency. That would not bode well in his favor for getting better money so we could get a good deal and keep one of our own.

    And from what I hear, Meyers wants to resign in Houston but they have a lot to think about in Houston with Foster and Williams so you never know.
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    Taking them one at a time:
    Carriker - I don't have a solid feel on whether he will come back or not. He is 27 and proven, as long as he is in the right system. Wanting to go elsewhere and be the starter is not out of the question. If he stays it will be because we offered good money. Remember, we also lost Kedric Golston to IR last year along with Jarvis Jenkins. Without Carriker, we would not have been as solid in the front 7 as we were. If Golston can't come back, and there are no other quality options other than Carriker, signing him is more of a priority than you think.

    Fred Davis - He will either sign a 1-year (show me you have matured) or we will franchise him. Either way he will be back. Cooley is too much of a question mark until he shows he is completely recovered from his injuries and is as effective as he was before. He is 29, in his 7th year, and getting a little long in the tooth (not to mention injury prone).

    London Fletcher - He will be back, signed for a contract friendly to both him and us. Enough said.

    Graham Gano - Is there really no other alternative out there? I wanted to smack Shanahan when he didn't scoop up David Akers. The guy is 10 times the kicker Gano is. I think Shanahan is in love with Gano's kickoffs. Other than those I don't see the attraction. He will be given legitimate competition in training camp or outright replaced in FA or shortly thereafter.

    QB Rex - too many variables here, but he will be back only if we need to develop a 2nd round Tannerhill and don't sign Orton to do the job instead.

    Hightower - he will be given a chance to compete and stay in the rotation, but he will be signed only to a 1-year show me contract. Getting another RB in the draft is entirely possible. He, Helu, and Royster are exactly alike is size/weight.

    Landry - I hate to say it, but he will sign a 1-year show me contract or we will let him walk. If we let him walk, don't be suprised if we go after a DB in FA and draft a safety to replace him in the 3rd or 4th round.

    McIntosh - gone.

    Montgomery - he will stay if for no other reason than the fact that Lichtensteiger's return is in no way guaranteed. Lichtensteiger's type of injury takes a long time to heal and there is no guarantee he will come back 100%. It is for that reason, and LT Brown's continued non-performance, that we will keep him and hit the O-line heavy in FA and the draft.

    Stallworth - gone.
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