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    Default Is There A Way To Report Someone For Welfare/Food Stamp Fraud?

    I'm sure there is a way to report the issue I know of, but who do I contact? What is the likelihood of anything actually being done about it?

    Here is the situation, and it will likely make you want to rip your hair out. I have a cousin that I do not get along with. Actually, it is the only member of my family I do not get along with, and it's because her and her husband are con artists. I know for 100% certainty, because she constantly brags about cheating the system, that they are committing fraud against the government, namely welfare programs.

    My cousin works full time making over $11 an hour. Her husband works under the table full time in construction and brings in around $400 a week. They have 3 sons together.

    Here's where I have issues with them. Her husband collects disability, because he is severely diabetic and supposedly can't physically work, although he works full time in construction. The also receive housing assistance and bill assistance. She drives a used Excursion, he drives a used Expedition. They collect $774 a month in food stamps, $500+ in welfare, and $700+ in SSI disability.

    With all of this knowledge, that would be bad enough. But they have 3 sons in age from 8-13 who all had quite the Christmas. Each one got their own iPhone 4, they each got their own Xbox 360 with Xbox live accounts, several games each, several hundreds of dollars worth of toys, and they each got their own brand new 42" Samsung plasma HDTV. They are bragging on facebook and showing pictures of all this ****. Living off the system and bragging how Uncle Sam helped them give their kids a $10,000 Christmas.

    This isn't just a Christmas thing, they live like this year round. They bring in way more than my wife and I do, yet they have everything payed for, they get twice as much in food stamps as we do, and they fraudulently receive assloads of government money. They spend lavishly, constantly go on vacation, and appear to be living like they're making $100,000 a year. All on the taxpayer's dime.

    We have the same caseworker, oddly enough. We brought this all up to her, and she seems to be more than willing to sweep it under the rug, so I want to report her too.

    We do everything legitimately and are barely receiving any help at all, and scraping by just to survive and having to live with my father. Meanwhile, they earn more than we do, and still get excessive amounts of benefits more than we do, and all their bills are 90% payed for by Uncle Sam.

    People don't seem to think this matters, but the biggest difference in this whole scenario, is that my cousin and her husband are black. It seems to be the case with a lot of people that I talk to, that when you're black, you get more help than you actually qualify for. My cousin is a perfect example of this.

    But it's making me sick, and I'm tired of it. She is raping the system, and someone needs to put an end to this bs. Who would be the best person or agency to contact, and will they realistically do anything about it?
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    Open the Yellow Pages. I'm pretty sure there are law enforcement or bureacratic agencies listed in there somewhere.

    I don't think this is an appropriate topic for the 5 O'Clock forum. Particularly when you start bringing race into the discussion.
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