Our defense is a lot better than it was last year. We knew that the secondary was going to be a problem, and it is, but the front seven is much better. The Cowboys knew we were coming for Romo last night and they countered with a lot of quick passes and max protection schemes. We should have expected that. I didnt see a lot of show blitz and drop into zone stuff. Maybe we did and I just missed it. It would seem that that would have been an obvious counter.

Rex is still Rex, a little good a little bad. What you see is what you get with this guy. We knew this, so we shouldnt be shocked.

I thought the O-line pass protected fairly well most of the night but the running game was terrible. What happened? Did we go away from it before it could become more effective or did we go away from it because it wasnt effective? Either way it hurt us a lot.

The bobbled snap on the field goal attempt was just. It just shouldnt happen. Its always something with our special teams.

Nobody stepped up. This game was winnable but nobody on offense or defense could step up to make the big play.

We all knew that this team was not going to go through the season undefeated. Yes its worse because of who we lost to but in the end were going to get another shot at them in our house. Were still 2-1 and if you would have asked most of us prior to the season it we would be happy with that at this point you probably would have gotten about a 90% affirmative. On to the Rams.