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    Air Force

    Default And while America pays attention to important stuff...like Charlie Sheen

    Obama, who said he would not raise taxes "one thin dime", is trying to pull the wool over on everyone

    Sessions ‘flabbergasted’ by increase in Obama transportation budget


    Senate Budget Committee ranking member Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) took Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to task Thursday for the Obama administration’s call for a massive increase in transportation spending.

    Given the record deficit this year, Sessions said he was surprised to see Obama’s 2012 budget call for an 11 percent spending increase and a 9.5 percent increase for the Education and Energy departments, respectively.

    But, he said, “I was flabbergasted to see Transportation wants 62 percent increase in spending.”

    Sessions noted, ahead of LaHood’s testimony on the request, that the Obama budget calls for an unspecified new tax to raise $435 billion to pay for the new six-year, $556-billion infrastructure build-out.

    I thought that was what TARP was for?
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    Read. My. Lips.


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    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.



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