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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default New Feature: NFL Scoreboard

    Hey all,

    Just a heads up to let you know about a new feature. On the home page, just above the "Latest Discussion" module in the center column, we have installed ESPN's live NFL Scoreboard.

    Throughout the season it will list the complete slate each week's coming NFL games, with starting times, and then keep running scores and stats during the games. We're thinking those of us serious enough about our NFL football to be here in the first place will appreciate a complete up-to-the-minute scoring update from around the league.

    If you click on a particular game, it will take you ESPN's site, where you can check out their game previews, their game intel, and even (gasp) check out their message board. Apparently they haven't heard BGO is now available for that purpose, but since they're letting us use their cool widget thingy, we'll let them slide. For now.

    Enjoy the feature, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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    Are you guys ever going to run out of cool ideas and interesting upgrades?

    Now I have to praise BGO over and over again........

    keep up the good work, but you guys do that anyway

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