Zorn on Jarmon: 'He's Studying the Weight Room'
Speaking for the first time about the Redskins' supplemental draft pick, Coach Jim Zorn said he'd be surprised if rookie defensive end Jeremy Jarmon has a big impact this season, but it'd be a surprise he'd welcome.

While the Redskins have steered clear of calling Jarmon a "project," it seems clear that he was drafted with 2010 in mind.

"I want to be surprised if he has impact this year," says Zorn. "I'm looking at him as a guy we got a year early, so we can develop and be that much further ahead. When the NFL Draft comes around next year, he'll already have a year under his belt. He won't be preparing for his first camp."

Jarmon, a 6-foot-3, 277-pound defensive end, was selected in the third round of the supplemental draft July 16. Since then, he's been a regular fixture at Redskins Park, but Zorn says Jarmon hasn't been studying a playbook yet.

"What he's been studying is the weight room and the field," Zorn said.

Last week, Zorn said Jarmon was given the team's "preliminary test to see what kind of shape he's in" - a test most players underwent in June - and he says Jarmon passed.