October 24, 2018

QB Alex Smith

On what RB Adrian Peterson has done for the offense:
"I think he's embodied kind of a little bit of what we want to be about not only as an offense but as a team. I just think the way he's played on that edge – physical, relentless. I think that's what we want to be about, not only as an offense, but a football team playing with that kind of an edge all the time. That kind of physicality certainly helped set the tone for us quite a few times this year."

On the New York Giants record this season:
"They're a good football team. I mean, turn on the tape. I think the bunch of games they’ve been in, had chances to win versus really good football teams. Been only a couple plays away here and there and it's a division game. It's early in the season. They're a prideful group and this is going to be a… we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn’t think this was going to be a physical test. So yeah, I think that's it. I mean it's easy when you turn on the tape and see that these guys aren’t that far away."

On if he thinks the Giants are vulnerable because of the recent trades:
"I'm not going to get too wrapped up in that. Who knows how they'll take it? Maybe it's going to fire them up if anything. Maybe they get, you know. Who knows the psychology of all that and I certainly don't want to get caught up in it I guess. For us, trying to prepare for them, whoever is out there, all those guys have played all year anyway, in and out, so [we are] getting ready for them collectively as a group."

On getting more comfortable on offense without WR Jamison Crowder and RB Chris Thompson:
"I think certainly had more and more reps with those guys not only in practice but in games. You know the next guys up and continue to take advantage of those reps. I think that's all been great work for us and it is always a progression that you're working towards. But yeah, it's been great work and obviously we hope to get those guys back as soon as possible. But I think that's only a good thing to build a rapport with the guys that have stepped up."

On missed opportunities on offense towards the end of the first half of the season:
"Yeah, yep yep, yeah, certainly some missed opportunities. Sorry to cut you off. No question. In the last two weeks, I've had great opportunities to get some points there at the half at least to give ourselves a chance and it didn’t get done the last two weeks for different reasons. But certainly, I felt like missed opportunities out there by us on offense. So yeah, look it's something that no doubt [we] look to improve on for sure."

On if he feels like he saw the field better in the game on Sunday:
"I think as far as from an accuracy standpoint there were two throws to me that really stood out, certainly the one to 'Sprink' [TE Jeremy Sprinkle] in the end zone, and then the one on the sideline to Mike [WR Michael Floyd]. A lot of the other ones, I felt like I put it where I wanted to. So, I don’t view it like that. Certainly if you miss, is it an accuracy standpoint? Sometimes. I'm trying to miss in the right places and trying to throw a ball in those spots. But those were the two for me that jump out. Yeah, you know, you got to hit [and complete the pass]."

On being first place in the division and improving on offense:
"I think the focus is to try to win a ball game every single week, whatever it takes to try to win. With that as you stack the weeks together, you hope you are moving in the right direction that you're trending. For us certainly, when you look at us as a unit, yeah that's what I'm talking about as a unit that we are moving in the right direction. But like I said, as a team, the challenge every week is to find a way to win as a team. All three phases, whatever that takes to win that matchup and how do you get that done, that’s the problem you are trying to solve every week."

On if he feels they are trending positively as a unit:
"I think the exciting thing is that certainly there is a lot of room for improvement for us out there, especially offensively as a unit, that we've left some plays out there for sure. Encouragingly, when we start hitting some of those, obviously we will be that much better."

On if he saw something different from WR Josh Doctson or if it was more situational:
"Probably a little bit of both. I thought he played great, played really, really, physical and he had to. We needed him to and he did, he stepped up, was aggressive to the football, aggressive with his releases. I thought he played really, really, big for us when we needed him and obviously we're hoping to build on that."

On the trend of going for it on fourth down and why he thinks it is happening more often:
"There is probably a ton of reasons why that trend is happening. One of the big ones, I think coaches are way more aware of the statistics to play that kind of analytics deal. Then, I think there, it's situationally knowing those things. Where you are on the field, time of game, all of those things playing into the opponent you're playing. I think a lot of those things play into that and I think coaches are more aware of those things and therefore obviously, I think playing the numbers it sometimes says to go for it. Also, it could just be trendy; you know? I mean a little bit, it's going around so probably a lot of reasons for it."

On the missed play to TE Jeremy Sprinkle in the end zone on Sunday:
"Yeah looking at it in hindsight, that for me, not to delve into it too far, I was expecting him to flatten and run away and obviously as he kept running for the corner then it was a matter of obviously too much air on that throw and it just sailing. But, that was my mindset as I came out with the safety chasing him from behind."

On if it's still early for those missed plays to click:
"I mean there are sometimes, yeah without a doubt. I think you are going to go through some things for the first time out there. I mean, you would love to avoid that, but sometimes it's unavoidable. You can't get it all repped out here. But, that’s on us as players to make the play. I think sometimes you've got to go out there and just make the play, so certainly that was one I missed."

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