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    Default Skins Quotes Post-Game vs Packers 2018: Redskins Players


    On responding to the Packers’ defense and making deeper passes:
    “I thought there were some good looks. You never know when the opportunities are going to present themselves, I mean, that’s what you work all week preparing for, identify them, pull the trigger and hit them when they’re there. We had some great opportunities and I thought our guys made some great plays down the field. Paul [Richardson] started us out with a heck of a catch and to finish it off with a touchdown. A lot of guys, there were a lot of short throws and long runs which are always nice as well.”

    On mixing the running and passing game:
    “We had a great mix going. I thought we had them on their heels in the first half. They didn’t have a very good beat on what we were doing, run and pass. It was fun. When you’re playing like that and rolling offensively. I’m glad we got the playmakers to do all that stuff, run and pass. You know unfortunately for us, I think all of us offensively in the second half there was a little bit of the shoulda, woulda, coulda and hoping we could have done it differently. There were some opportunities there too. We had some field position and weren’t able to capitalize so we still have a lot of room left for improvement.”

    On production with TE Jordan Reed and TE Vernon Davis:
    “It’s hard to totally forecast who is going to have the big day. You build the game plan and you can’t totally know how they’re going to play us in certain personnel and the looks you’re going to get. I think Coach [Gruden] did a good job of having all that stuff ready depending on the looks we’re getting, the personnel they are playing to us and things like that, and then getting to some of those so, credit to those guys. Then I think the more – not just Jordan – I think the more all of us continue to work together, all those reps, you just bank that stuff and it gets better and better. With certainly Jordan in the games you just continue to build on all those reps you’ve had together.”

    On if he was too conservative in the second half:
    “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we did at all. Listen, when you play against that offense and Aaron [Rodgers], you certainly don’t come into halftime and say, ‘Hey lets…’ – no that’s. not what we’re doing, but nonetheless, I think they countered us well and there were some self-inflicted things that we did I thought that were uncharacteristic too that we need to get cleaned up.”

    On the possibility of using RB Adrian Peterson more because of his previous play against the Packers:
    “Hadn’t thought of that until you just said it, nope. I do now he has had some big games against them in the past but no, this is a totally different offense, different o-line, different scheme, they’re a different defense, so no. He’s obviously a guy though that we love to get going every game.”

    On speaking with Aaron Rodgers during the game:
    “Just quick, it’s hard. Too many of you guys around to have a real conversation. But yeah, just quick. He’s out there. He’s a gutty guy. Moving with the brace on, rolling. Not much practice, still making a lot of plays, obviously he’s still playing at a crazy high level. Tough, tough competitor.”

    On Adrian Peterson as a weapon:
    “I think it speaks not only to Adrian but our ability as an offense – those guys up front when they needed to get big in that formative situation, eat up the clock and move the chains, we were able to do it. Credit to those guys up front and everybody in the blocking unit, but obviously Adrian as well, running hard. Great vision I think, finishing off a lot of those runs.”

    On Jay Gruden:
    “I mean that’s no different than the work I put in with the wide outs and the guys outside. That’s something that you just constantly - you’ll never stop working at that. That communication, that thought process. I’m sure it goes both ways. I talked to Jay and he’s trying to do the same thing with all of us. Read us, get us going. So yeah, it’s a two-way street. You never stop working at that communication. You never stop working on that thought process. Self-analysis, we get a chance here at the bye week to really kind of get into some of that. I mean I know its early – only three games in – but [we] really kind of take a look at ourselves, these areas of improvement, things to build on, stuff like that.”

    On linebacker Clay Matthew’s sack:
    “Yeah it’s tough. I’m glad I don’t play defense. You talk about strike zones a lot of times with the quarterback and these guys. It’s kind of knees to the shoulders right? They can’t hit us in the head and they can’t hit us in the knees when we’re in the pocket. Its tough. I felt like he’s playing football. He’s played a long time. He hit me right in the strike zone. That’s the new rule they put in though, with these guys finishing off quarterbacks to the ground. You could go with the ‘what if’ calls all day. I felt like certainly we owed a call on the interception with Jordan [Reed]. Some contact there so I don’t know.”

    On second quarter interception:
    “You know obviously, tough leverage there but I felt like Jordan was trying to break out and there’s a collision there. Obviously, clearly beyond five yards. That’s a huge play in the game, to throw it out there. And in hindsight, obviously we would love to have it back but, tough play.”

    On offensive line’s performance:

    “I thought the pro was great today. I think the strength of that defense is up front. They got a lot of guys up front, especially in the interior. They were really, really good. For us to move around the pieces, [Tony Bergstrom] stepping in at center, Chase [Roullier] moving to left guard, Ty [Nsekhe] having to come in at tackle, really speaks to the work ethic of that unit, preparing themselves, getting ready to roll. I don’t think anyone skipped a beat. Those guys came in and played at a really high level.”

    On scrambling and how important that is to the defensive line:
    “Yeah, I mean you never know what’s going to happen when those opportunities present themselves. I think you just want to be able to capitalize what they do, kind of get in the yardage. You know, we talk about as far as a quarterback running, you would love to be able to make them pay when you have the opportunity to play man and giving all these play makers focus, if you can’t get out and protection has been great, that you can make a play with your feet.”

    On the production level of receivers:
    “We are trying to score points. We are trying to get first downs to help us win a game. I don’t think anybody really cares who gets the glory or what. I do think it was a unique situation in the sense that the two defenses that we played in the first two weeks, they just weren’t going to give you a whole lot out there. I’m sure there were probably some things that we did miss, but they were never going to be huge days. Today, just the way the line matched up, we had those opportunities and those guys made them.”

    On being compared to QB Aaron Rodgers:
    “Yeah certainly he and I have always tied together. We are good friends at this point and we have been for quite a while. I think every quarterback in the league is such a unique player. I can appreciate the unique skill set, how he plays the game, everybody I think is a fan of his and what he does. We all kind of watch each other and see what we do. You know, with that, they’re a good football team. I’m not playing against Aaron [Rodgers] though, I’m playing against the defense and I’m trying to go out and obviously score a lot of points. You do know, like I talked about at half time, you do know what he is capable of and what they’re capable of. Offensively, they can strike fast and they can get hot, you know and for us I think knowing that but at the same time the focus was still on the defense and who we were going against.”

    On defensive reaction to scrambling:
    “Well both. For sure, there’s things I either see out there on the field when I look up after I pass or something or on the sidelines when we are looking at the cut ups. You know but hey maybe you have an opportunity here if it does present itself and then a lot of time you’re just playing ball and things are happening fast. All of a sudden you’re in the open field running. Not a lot of conscious thinking.”

    On LB Clay Matthews’ sack:
    “You had a better view of it than I did. I was just trying to hold onto the football. That’s just the term I talk about is trade zone and that’s the deal with quarterbacks in the pocket. Yeah the new rule is that you can’t finish them, like I said, I didn’t see it and at that point you’re doing all you can to hold onto the football and that can result in a flag. So that’s the nature of football like I talked about with these games. They’re not going to be perfectly involved with the development we’ve had or different things that should happen, or didn’t. It was like that and that’s always going to be a part of it. I think there’s some gray here with this that needs to be ironed out.”


    On setting the tone to start the game:
    “It felt great. You can see it during the week – the focus and determination. Last week was an embarrassment. You can tell throughout the week – the guys took it personal. We came out today, the offensive line did a great job of establishing upfront and giving us time, running backs, quarterback, time to go through progression and make plays. It was a good team effort.”

    On finding one or two plays to get the team going start of the game:
    “I think mainly the execution was better. You kind of look at the line of scrimmage today compared to last week, it was night and day. Like I’ve said before, offensive line, defensive line, that’s the key to any offense or any defense. Those guys set the tone and we were able just to do what we do as skilled players.”

    On 19 to 20 carries becoming a norm for him:
    “I hope so. It felt good to get out there and get into a rhythm, establish and be physical and get some nice chunks. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

    On historical milestones he is approaching:
    “I really haven’t had time to look at it. It felt good to get into the 100 club. I have a little time off now, maybe I can look and see who I am approaching. [John] Riggins is a guy I do remember seeing out there on the list and thinking about whether I am able to pass him eventually. I kind of simplify it for myself. Go out there, execute the game plan, and with that you have an opportunity to pass guys and accomplish some great things. That right there is my main focus when I step on the field.”

    On Ryan Anderson’s ability to block for him:
    “I think he is doing an excellent job. He is always coming to me on the sideline, ‘Hey AP what can I do differently.’ I just tell him, ‘Play fast and I will play off you because things change when the ball is snapped.’ But I feel like he is doing a great job of executing what has been coached to him, and whatever happens in front of me, I have to make a play. He has been doing a great job of allowing me to get into the end zone.”

    On his reaction to the number of chunk plays:
    “That’s what you want. You want to establish the run and keep the defense on their heels and that will open up the pass. That creates those opportunities down field. We didn’t experience that much last week. In Week 1 we did and we were able to display that again today.”

    On where he thinks the Redskins are headed after three weeks:
    “Yeah, I have a great sense. We bounced back. That was the worst game I’ve been a part of last week. For the guys to bounce back and come in and raise the focus with a great Green Bay team coming in, it shows that the guys are resilient. I see the talent. Obviously, we knew last week was terrible. No one was happy about that performance and there were a lot of things that we could have done personally to come out with that win as terribly as we played. It was all about realizing that and fixing the things and coming out and having a complete game. I think offensively we did that, as well as defensively and special teams. Special teams did an incredible job again today switching the field position. That’s huge when you’re playing the Packers. It was a good, collective effort today.”

    On if he has spoken to John Riggins:
    “I talked to him briefly. I talked to him during the third preseason game and I asked him, ‘I knew you were a back that was in over 30 and obviously they look down on us and how you kept your focus,’ and he was like, ‘I’m taking care of my body and I have that mindset of you still got it and that determination. Most importantly, playing real hard.’ Those are some of the same things that keep me going. It’s always good to get confirmation from guys who have done it before.”

    On having nine 100-yard games against the Packers:
    “I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I don’t have anything against them. It’s all about getting that W. I guess it just happens.”

    On players getting inserted into the lineup on the fly:
    “I feel good. It’s a testament to the guys that we have that aren’t starters and guys who move around and play different positions. It’s just a testament to those guys and being coached well and picking up the slack. As guys go down, it’s like the next man up. Hats off to those guys. They did a great job doing what they were asked to do. They were moving positions and getting the job done. They did that today.”

    On what he saw differently today as opposed to last week’s loss:
    “Well to start off today, it was just the focus and the energy level that we had. It was evident coming into the locker room this whole week. There was no way that we were going to come out flat today. This is a game of football and the most important thing about football is executing. You have to play fast and physical for four quarters and we did that. I feel that if we do that every week, we’re going to have a chance to win every game that we’re a part of. Last week, that was terrible. It was a poor performance offensively and defensively. Special teams was decent. It was just a bad experience, but we switched all of that up today. We had a lot of energy in the stadium and that’s what we need. That is what gets us going offensively and defensively and to have our fans into it giving us the extra push that we need.”

    On the criticism of running backs not being able to run the ball effectively over the age of 30:
    “I can’t change people’s perspective and how they feel. People are still saying, ‘Hey, guys can’t do it over 30.’ The only I try to do is be an example to let people know that, ‘Hey, you can.’ You can break through the box. It’s all about your mentality and of course taking care of your body and having that faith, most importantly. In anything you do, you get out what you put in, so that’s the message that I want to continue to display throughout the season.”


    On being able to get a win going into the bye week:
    “There’s nothing like playing in the rain. When you get in the rain, you’ve got to win that joint. It’s going to be miserable when you get home. It’s definitely a good feeling.”

    On how much confidence they gained from getting off to a fast start:
    “It was good. We were able to execute early. We had a few more opportunities in the first half than we had in the second half and we took advantage of that.”

    On beating the Packers without scoring a touchdown in the second half:
    “I mean, if you told me we’d score 28 in the first half, then I would believe it. Aaron Rodgers did a good job moving the ball in the second half and he burned a lot of clock so we didn’t get a lot of opportunities in the second half. We took advantage of our opportunities the first half and that prepared us for a win.”


    On the offensive production and being able to get the receivers involved:
    “I think that we had a real good strong half. I think we came out and executed. [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] wanted to be aggressive early and it worked for us. It was good for us to jump out on the team like that early. We’ve got to carry it over though. We’ve got to be able to finish those games.”

    On opening up the passing game:
    “Yeah, definitely. I think even though that we didn’t run the ball well in the previous week, I think it was good that they were breaking in the open field and I think that it opened up and had the defense playing soft so we were able to pass the ball, even in the rain.”

    On his touchdown reception:
    “I knew he was going to throw it regardless of the coverage, so I just wanted to make a play on the ball. I saw the DB and he was just looking up the whole time, knew I was going to come around him, and I was just able to make the play.”


    On the resilience and ability to bounce back after bad plays or sequences:
    “That’s just how the game goes. You have to be resilient in this league. You’ve got to be able to respond, be able to deal with adversity. You’ve got to just ride the wave, just keep playing, and I think that we did a great job of that today.”

    On having every receiver in the mix today:
    “Yeah I think that we did a great job of trying to spread it around a little bit today and get different players involved. We were able to move the ball in the first half; didn’t move it as well in the second half, but both teams were kind of beating, banging around the whole third quarter. I think if we can move the ball the way we did in the first half, we’ll be straight.”

    On what feels different about this game:
    “We just knew that we had to win at home. You’ve got to be able to win at home. You’ve got to use it to your advantage and last week we didn’t play well here. Today we wanted to come out there - and even though it was raining - we still went out there and made plays.”


    On the defensive backs including DB Fabian Moreau:
    “He’s grown up in the defense, you know? He stepped up in a crucial moment in the game and you need to make those plays. Big players make big plays and he made a big play, got us off the field and momentum was on our side to take the victory.”

    On preparing this week for QB Aaron Rodgers:
    “Just stay on top of it you know, and our defense needs to do our thing. Bend don’t break mentality you know? If you can take a guy like that, hold him to 17 points? We only gave him one, so that would have been 10, but you can’t ask for anything better than that. You’ve got guys like that, that are athletic and can hunt the ball, it’s what you do.”


    On how the win feels for him:
    “It feels good man, especially after a rough week last week. We really honed down on what we needed to do, came out and played good team football.

    On Aaron Rodgers scrambling and containing him:
    “As a defensive lineman, it’s a great feeling because you’ve got time, but it’s also, ‘Man we got to get there,’ because I mean he’s going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer for a reason so we definitely wanted the pressure on the front, this game, to contain, control him, keep him in the pocket. Man, you’ve got to give hats off to our DB’s, they played a great game.”

    On the defensive effort by the defensive linemen:
    “I mean, I’m blessed to go out and play with those guys. All I’ve got to do is give glory to God, because He gives us the ability to do this, so I’m just doing His work.”

    On the DB Fabian Moreau forced fumble:
    “Oh, that was the play of the game, by far. At that point it was an 11-point game, five, six minutes left. I mean that play right there, really just kind of sealed the deal for us. I mean in my opinion, that’s the play of the game.”


    On what the defensive line did to improve from last week:
    “We just stuck to the coach’s plan, and everybody did their job and went out there and got a good win today.”

    On his first career sack and improvements he made from last week:
    “I just kept rushing, I didn’t get frustrated, and it happened. So, man I’m happy I got my first sack!”

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