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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default Skins Quotes 9/14/17: Gruden, Manusky

    September 14, 2017

    Head Coach Jay Gruden

    On injuries:
    “Limited today was [Josh] Doctson, everybody else was full.”

    On the level of concern with WR Josh Docston:
    “We’ll have to see tomorrow, see where he’s at. He’s just tight, you know, it’s not like it’s going to make him miss time or anything like that, but it could limit the amount of reps that he has but we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.”

    On if Doctson’s injury has to do with learning his body:
    “I don’t know. I just know he’s got a tight hamstring. It happens. He runs a lot and, like I said, it’s not pulled so that’s a good thing. We’ve just got to make sure we manage it and make sure he gets it loose.”

    On how to game plan for Rams DT Aaron Donald’s return:
    “We’re assuming he’s playing 70 snaps. He doesn’t come out in nickel, he probably won’t come out in base. I don’t know why you would take him out. I’m sure he’s in good shape, so I imagine we’ll see a lot of Aaron Donald.”

    On if he knows why his teams have been more productive in Week 2 than Week 1 during his tenure:
    “I do not, no. If I did, I would have fixed it by now… I think sometimes we have a lot of new players on defense who are playing together for the first time. We’ve had some new receivers obviously and it takes some time to get to gel a little bit, so that’s the only thing I can point to. But, really, no excuses. We just didn’t come out and play our best football. We turned the ball over, didn’t play well on third down. They really took the fight to us. Their defensive line played extremely well and Carson Wentz had a nice day.”

    On if something happens between the first two weeks on a yearly basis:
    “Maybe you get beat and people take it personal like I hope they are. I hope they do take it personal and they bounce back in a big way. It’s a sign of a mentally tough football team. That’s what I want to see, because I didn’t predict we’d go 16-0, but we do want to take care of home games and we’re not happy we lost the first one. But we know we have 15 more to play and it’s important for us to handle the ebbs and flows of pro football and be able to bounce back.”

    On if it is a luxury that WR Ryan Grant can play multiple positions:
    “Yeah, no question. He can do whatever you want him to do. He can play all three spots and he’s smart and detailed in what he does. Hopefully he gets more involved in the offense. He had three catches for 66 yards [four for 61] the other day, had a chance to have a couple more, but I think the more opportunities that he gets the better he’ll show people that he is.”

    On if RB Samaje Perine is ready to contribute:
    “I think so. I think it’s all about possession of the football. We didn’t do a good job of possessing the football. Three-for-10 on third downs means you’re punting and you’re on the sidelines, and then you get back out there and you’re trying to get points – you’re down. We didn’t maintain the ball on a lot of good drives so we weren’t able to get him out there. It’s our job to possess the football, convert on third down and have more opportunities. The more opportunities we get offensively, the more carries he’s going to get and that’s our intent every week. It just didn’t happen Week 1.”

    On if he still keeps Perine’s fumble in the preseason in mind:
    “Yeah, we don’t forget fumbles. [Laughter] He won’t forget that either. He’s not that type of guy I don’t think, but we’ll see. We’ve just got to get him some opportunities and see where he’s at. But we think he’s a physical runner and he’s going to help this football team over the course of the season.”

    On if TE Niles Paul didn’t get many reps last week because of lack of opportunity:
    “Yeah, same thing, same thing, and we didn’t have a lot of the two-tight end fullback package in or three-tight end package in that week. So we may see more of that this week, I don’t know. But we can’t get everybody playing time if you only have 60 snaps or 55 snaps or whatever we had. Niles is a very good player. It’s just he is behind two excellent players. Like I said yesterday, I would never be upset if Niles was our starter or backup or whatever. He can do it all. He is a valuable guy to have.”

    On how much he focuses on getting the ball to certain players as opposed to simply attacking defenses:
    “Yeah, both. That is one thing you’ve got to understand. You can design plays all you want for a person, but they can double them or they can roll to him or they can have zone coverage underneath him and somebody behind him. It’s not always that easy just to throw a ball to one guy. So you try to move him around and get him in different spots. Like Jordan [Reed], you try to play him in the slot, you try to play him outside, and you try to play him in the core. And then Jamison [Crowder], you try to play him inside, outside, try to get him some balls. When you feel like you have four or five good targets on any given play – Chris Thompson and the three receivers that we have at one given time or Vernon [Davis] or Jordan or Niles, whoever it is – then you have got to let the coverage dictate where the ball goes and then if it’s man-to-man you want to take your best matchup.”

    On if he saw different coverages for WR Jamison Crowder without DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon:
    “No, they didn’t change. They played the same way.”

    On the adjustments the offense needs to make on third downs:
    “We have to do a lot of things better. We have to protect better. We have to throw the ball better. We have to run better routes. So it is just a combination of things. I have got to call better plays. I have to call plays that are conducive to those situations and the coverages that we are going to see by percentage and then we have to protect. So a little bit of everything.”

    On if TE Jordan Reed is getting back into rhythm:
    “Jordan has had a couple of really good weeks and I think he is in a good spot physically and mentally. I think he was just a little giddy on a couple plays, but he played well. But he has just continued to work and get better. He had another good day today.”

    On if defenses are specifically running at Reed now:
    “You can see that. You can see that a lot. Some teams will pick a guy to double and it could be Jordan on a given time because he is a very key weapon for us. They could take the safety out of the middle of the field and bring him down to where Jordan is and have help on the inside, play outside leverage on him and it is hard to get him the ball sometimes. That’s why you have to have other players be ready to perform.”

    On if he still wants to get Reed the ball if he is getting doubled:
    “Well, if he is getting doubled, then the other guys have got to win. He is not getting doubled all the time. That’s the way it should be. If a great player is getting doubled, you better have somebody else step up and make the plays.”

    Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

    On the pass rush:
    “I think the most important thing is it’s got to be together. We’ve got to do it together. From a pass rush and from coverage on the back end, I think both have got to tie in hand-in-hand and at times we didn’t do that. We had opportunities during the game on Sunday and they made the plays and we didn’t.”

    On if he’s going to try to play LB Will Compton more:
    “I think across the board with every player we’re trying to get them opportunities to play. For right now, on that past Sunday, it wasn’t in the books, and we’re looking forward. During the season, he’s going to have some time to play and we’re going to put a lot of players in different positions.”

    On tying the pass rush and the coverage together:
    “Sometimes, you know, if you’ve got a man pressure and all of a sudden, we’ve got to get there before he completes the ball and vice versa. The guys have got to cover on the back end if we’re playing a zone coverage. The guys up front with the four-man rush have to get after the quarterback. We had opportunities to make plays on the quarterback. He actually made some good plays – got out of the pocket and made some plays where we needed to plaster him and we didn’t.”

    On the similarities between the Rams Head Coach Sean McVay’s offense and the Redskins’ offense:
    “Similar offense. He’s going to take what he learned here in his tenure as a quality control and moving up the ranks across the board. He’s got a little bit of tweaks here and there, but for the most part it’s very similar.”

    On what stood out with the run defense last week:
    “It was good. We stopped it with a short box at times. We made some plays. I mean, Ryan [Kerrigan] made a couple of plays, Zach [Brown] made a couple of plays inside, [Jonathan] Allen made a couple of plays. They’re doing a good job of making sure we make them a little bit one-dimensional and they started throwing the ball.”

    On DL Jonathan Allen’s first NFL game:
    “It’s his first go-around. I think he’s going to learn, just like every player and coach does from every year that they compete in. He’s going to get better over the year and we’re expecting great things from him.”

    On what kind of threat Rams RB Todd Gurley II poses:
    “A big threat. He is still a good running back, even with the ball in his hands. Anytime you can get it into an athlete’s hands in the open field, it is good for them. He had a couple of runs that were called back because of some penalties, but overall he is a good [back]... He has great vision, good sight lines. He has got burst through the hole. He is a good back.”

    On the third-down defense:
    “We have to get better. Overall, you want to be… not completing any third downs, but overall we were better in shorter yardages than longer yardages, which is kind of weird.”

    On the pass rush getting close last week and what might help them finish plays in the future:
    “Well, I think that just overall our main objective of course was to stop the run game and put them a little bit one-dimensional and throwing the ball. Overall on third down, we have got to do a better job with the pass rush. We have got to do a better job on the back end. It’s also the calls coming in, we have got to just work together and it’s the first game that we all played together for the whole game and we will get better down the line.”

    On the difference he sees in Rams QB Jared Goff from last year to this year:
    “A year of playing football. Over the year, you get to learn and in the offseason you know what to expect, and that’s what he did. He got better.”

    On what stood out about Eagles QB Carson Wentz last week:
    “His scrambling ability, big time. Getting out of the pocket and keeping his eyes up the field. I think he did a great job of doing that and he caught us a couple of times and we have got to do a better job of rushing the coverage at the back end.”

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    On the adjustments the offense needs to make on third downs:
    Better execution on 1st down will help that. 2nd and long most of the day led to 3rd and long. Shortest distance on a 3rd down was 6 yards so you're not going to be real successful converting those.
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    This club is not talented enough at this point to go through 2017 with BOTH of its top picks in 2016 being busts and not contributing to the team.

    And we are close to that point. IMO you won't see Cravens back here, guys that have a heart-felt commitment to play, don't bail on teammates and miss the first month of the season.

    Heck, Brett Favre played in a Monday night game a day or two after his father died.

    Docston now appears to be a Masserati that looks great but a car you can't drive if it is not at 100%.

    Unfortunately, he is at 100% so rarely that those times are almost like the moments a rainbow appears after a rain shower

    Seriously, the biggest thing holding this team back is the fact that many of our draft picks, while they are still on the team, have as individuals and a group failed to emerge and become front line players.

    It all comes down to the draft, especially for a team like Washington that has gotten out of the high end free agent market for the most part.

    I see #2 , #3 and #4 picks start playing right away on many other teams and emerging as rookies.

    Here despite being the #3 0 defense last year and middling on offense in the run game, the Redskins have been slow in integrating new players into the regular offense and defense.

    Some of that is we seem to be over-drafting guys or failing to do our due diligence on guys like Cravens that had some qualms about having a professional football career to begin with if you go back to their college and actually look at their record.
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