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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    That one was garbage & will probably go down as top 5 all time worst.
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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Few things I’ve seen
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    Hell I honestly forgot we had signed him. Definitely time to cut bait though
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    Prince & the Revolution: Live

    The kid was pretty good but Morris & the Time had to educate him back in the day.
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    Celebrity Passings

    Stiller was 92, & a VERY funny actor. Rest easy Mr Stiller
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    Larry Warford OG Released by NO

    I’m never opposed to adding quality depth, but wasn’t Martin coming along toward the end of last year?
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    Celebrity Passings

    Musician Little Richard has passed at 87
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    Celebrity Passings

    Roy Horn from the Vegas performers ‘Siegfried & Roy’ has passed at 75
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    Redskins Official 2020 Schedule (Merged)

    I was way off base guessing when we would play SanFran. Nice to have a bye at the season mid point as well though. Seems the whole league should get the bye at the same time, except maybe 4 teams to play the week everyone else is off. Then the following week the 4 get their bye
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    Dwayne Haskins 'In my words...'

    Taylor Jacobs of tackles
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    Celebrity Passings

    Brad Howe, lead singer for ‘Bad Company’ has passed at 66
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    Watch this, it makes me feel 100 percent better about our passing game this season

    Barring a miracle I’d bet Quinn’s time as a redskin is done.
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    I think we’re gonna see some crazy variety from our front 7 alignments. After the success that SanFran had it’s probably a lock we run many wide 9 fronts. Our defense will be fun to watch again
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    This article was written back in January, but a decent little read on our defense. Some of JDR’s quotes tell you how quick the defense will turn around. Hopefully it shows up in our W/L record, I think it will big time...
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