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  1. Random WFT Thoughts

    Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks Finally got around to studying Memphis QB Paxton Lynch. He's Brock Osweiler with more arm strength. Intriguing prospect. Mark Bullock ‏@MarkBullockNFL First time seeing Paxton Lynch. Athletic, big arm, elongated release though. Drops ball down on wind up.
  2. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Cool! I'm in 141 row 1 and we park in Green A. My cell is still the same if you have it. It looks like I still have yours if it hasn't changed.
  3. Random WFT Thoughts

    Here's some more alleged fuel for you Mike... Report: DeSean Jackson's house robbed, gang suspected | CSN Mid-Atlantic According to TMZ, four to five people stormed his home with guns and were met by six people who were at Jackson's house. There was a confrontation that reportedly included at...
  4. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    The point being that if that harsh of a decision was already in the works, there's no way they ever should have exercised the option. Sorry for derailing the thread. I'll stop now. I hope Cousins rebounds this week. I'll enjoy being at the game so much more if he does. This can't hurt ...
  5. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Very easy for me to see that he was not given that last shot, hence the disconnect. But enough of this. Will you be there this Sunday? If not, let me know the next time you do get to a game. I'm there for all of them.
  6. BGO Messenger is HERE!

    If I am able to connect to the FedEx wifi on Sunday, I'll give it a shot from the stadium. I probably won't be on there much though. I'm too obsessed with everything on the field to pay the phone much attention.
  7. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Still a disconnect for me, that brief period of time causing a complete and absolute 180.
  8. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Again, very specifically, signing the fifth year option and then following that up with burying him is what doesn't make sense to me. The definitive message that they don't want him is in direct opposition to the decision to exercise the fifth year option.
  9. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    That's still the disconnect for me. I agreed with the fifth year option when they spoke of his progress in the off-season and it sounded like they were going still focused on working with Robert. But signing that and then burying him is what doesn't make sense to me.
  10. Random WFT Thoughts

    Memphis Tigers 6-0, 2nd in West Friday, October 23, 8:00 PM on ESPN Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium, Tulsa, Oklahoma #18 Memphis Tigers(6-0) vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane(3-3)
  11. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Anyone have any knowledge of how well Kirk handles slippery balls?
  12. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Agreed. Especially tricky when that wind whips up all the way to 10mph.
  13. Random WFT Thoughts

    Interesting how much Conner Cook's weaknesses sound like Kirk Cousins'... WEAKNESSES: Once moved from his original spot, he attempts to "arm" everything and abandon his base footwork, often content making throws with his weight...
  14. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    At this point in Cousins' "development", he's on a par with Griffin's years 2 and 3. Considering he's the one who played this style of offense in college, and is/was more pro ready, I'd have to say that Cousins' results are worse compared with the guy who's put up similar results while "not...
  15. Random WFT Thoughts

    Hocker's lost to Forbath twice now. I'm not sure they signed the answer for Hocker's missed 51 and 48 yard field goals though.
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