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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    That's assuming he went there TO work out with Brown vs Brown just being there with a bunch of other players. Heck, if he's there to work and throw the ball and Brown shows up you expect him to leave? That's not realistic or logical, I associate with people I don't like or I don't respect due to...
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    I think Sims blows up this year. Don't know about Harmon, but with McLaurin and Sims we are in good shape. Just look at some of the routes Sims ran last year, he was destroying DBs.
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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Sure, I'm just talking about social media posts. I imagine if he posted a video of him studying his playbook he would get roasted, because that's a silly thing to post that no one cares about on social media. We all want him studying, and I think he is, but posting it would be a bit strange. I...
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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Your just a negative Nancy. 😄
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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    In the end, I think we have the talent on defense to be very good. Combine that with now some top defensive coaches, I think we have at least a top ten defense this season. If that's the case, it comes down to Haskins, if he keeps playing and improving like he did towards the end of last year...
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    Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    It takes only a few minutes a day to put some pictures or videos on Twitter. Leaves a whole lot of time for studying the play book. People on Twitter want action shots, no one is clamoring for some video of Haskins turning the page of a book so you just see action shots. You can't gauge what...
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    Quinton Dunbar TRADED

    Ron and Kyle identified the guys they wanted around that fit the culture Ron wanted. Dunbar being traded meant he obviously wasn't one of those guys. Wonder how much behind the scenes/locker room stuff there was with him if this is the type of guy he is. He came across as entitled after Ron...
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    Quinton Dunbar TRADED

    Thank goodness we made that trade. I don't understand what the heck is wrong with players making so much doing this kind of stuff...
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    Draft Night - First Round Virtual Tailgate - Thursday

    Been trying to figure out how to spend draft night, this sounds like a fun idea.
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    Skins Sign CB Kendall Fuller & G Wes Schweitzer

    Maybe, but a beastly DL can make what's behind them look way better. And Del Rio has a track record of turning defenses around. I think we have the talent at maybe the most important position group, on the DL, to do that. I'm optimistic with Del Rio at the helm even if we weren't in position to...
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    BGO 'Classic' or BGO 'Dark'?

    I really like the dark theme, that's always my go-to when it's an option. I'm only 33 but its more comfortable for me.
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Wow, this place is so nice. Thanks!
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    Trent Williams Needs a Hug

    I was reading earlier that Trent was upset when during their meeting Ron said he wants him to stay and prove himself before he gets an extension. PROVE HIMSELF??? How dare he tell that to the great Trent Williams. His agent is also a moron.
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    2020 Skins Free Agency Tracker

    And FS apparently. Ron likes versatility.
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    2020 Skins Free Agency Tracker

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