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    WFT 2021 Schedule

    Oddly, our record is pretty much what I expected it to be... But the way we got to it is not how I expected it to be. The fact we could EASILY be 0-4 right now is very concerning. On the other hand, our Offense is better than I expected it to be, and I think it'll only get better as Heineke...
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    2021 Roster Updates

    Stephen Gilmore has just been released by the Pats. Should we be calling?
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    Week 4 - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Can't argue with any of what's been said above. I have to admit, I was REALLY pleased when JD got the TD to ice the game as I really DID NOT want the game's result to be at the mercy of Hopkins foot at that point. I had almost zero faith in him kicking a winner being as he'd been shanking them...
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    Game Notes: WFT at Atlanta

    Can you blame him? ;) I think he'd be A LOT of QBs fave targets. The man is just money! Honestly he ranks right up there amongst some of the best receivers this teams ever had. Just needs to stay consistent and healthy to cement it...
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    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Wow!! Lotta birthdays this week! Happy birthday everyone 😂 Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I took a few days off and hadn’t been online. Guess which birthday it was?
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    Taylor Heinicke - This Is Where Coaching Matters

    True, but the knock on Heineke has always been his durability if taking hits. I suspect Rivera/Turner think we have enough weapons on offense now to not have to use him too much in a designed run capacity. Could you imagine the backlash if Heine got hurt on a run play while Fitz is out too? I...
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    Taylor Heinicke - This Is Where Coaching Matters

    Threat with his feet too, he proved that in the Tampa game. I think they're keen to protect him from doing that too much, but the threat of him taking off and scoring is something defense must account for.
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    Taylor Heinicke - This Is Where Coaching Matters

    Henieke just impresses me. He's just a humble hard-working professional player. He's easy to root for because of this. Of all the QB's we've had, only really him and Alex are the two I've REALLY wanted to succeed for reasons other than because the team needs a quality QB. RGIII had the skills...
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    Official Game Thread: Week 1 - WFT vs. Chargers

    So, to add a little positivity (or at least try!) Maybe a reality check. I think maybe the result of this game would have been different if Heineke had started from the first snap. With him in the game we were down 13-6 before he came in. With Heine in charge of the offense we outscored them...
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    Hindsight is 50-50

    To compound this feeling... I was reading an article yesterday (can't remember where) and they were talking about how lean the 2022 draft will be for QB's. There's no stand out Elite talent in it at this point. And while it might turn out that there is a legit 1 or 2 prospects that warrant a...
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    Official Game Thread: Week 1 - WFT vs. Chargers

    I'm a little pessimistic coming into this game, especially with what our Starting O showed in pre-season. I'm wondering if it'll take a couple of games for us to settle in offensively, which means it's going to be all on our D to keep us in these first games. The Chargers are a dangerous team...
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    2021 Roster Updates

    Was that fool someone other than me? LOL I did watch the whole trouncing. It wasn't pleasant to watch, but I loves me some football even if it is hard to watch. As the eternal optimist, I was just hoping, even if the scoreline was badly lopsided, that someone would show something on our...
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    Which New WFT Player Shines in 2021?

    I really like Reyes. Not sure he'll be NFL ready this year, but damn is he putting in the work. He didn't look terrible on Friday too, and I think blocking may be a strength for him at least in the short term. It might be his route onto the team, which I suppose is why he's working hard on it...
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