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  1. Coronavirus - COVID19

    When this particular conversation started regarding a criminal act, you agreed it was at least a possibility
  2. Coronavirus - COVID19

    Unless the allies have an Anti-virus to it
  3. Skins Quotes 3/31/20: LB Thomas Davis Sr., QB Kyle Allen

    But we gonna need yet another one, when he retires in about a year or so
  4. TV Show Discussion Thread

    Besides Carole, there was also another, I think his names is Mario, the one from Cuba, who started out in drugs and then there's all the ones in Florida who intentionally release their exotic animals who become invasive into the environment And there may be more than that, because I stopped...
  5. The Quick Question Thread

    I think I'm getting close to the answer. The ABV % is either the reason, or it's the reason caused by the reason, or the reason that leads to the reason. The ABV in Beer is usually somewhere around 5% The ABV in Liquor is usually somewhere around 40% In wine it's around 14% In Sake, about 14%...
  6. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

    Sean Davis another guy we signed that's just coming off missing virtually an entire season.
  7. The Quick Question Thread

    And it's all about where you set the bar, and about varying ethics and expectations
  8. Coronavirus - COVID19

    I can address that actually with a non-political answer. International doctors go to the U.S. - not because we do an excellent job of treating patients. But for self-serving reasons. They make more money. Just because they come here and they make more money does not mean patients are getting...
  9. Coronavirus - COVID19

    The answer is politics. So I guess we can't discuss that fully
  10. BGO 'Classic' or BGO 'Dark'?

    I like the light, because of an issue I mentioned earlier. When you highlight something in a quote, to delete or edit, if you're in the dark mode, the highlighted area is virtually the identical color as the unhighlighted area, making it virtually impossible to differentiate.
  11. Coronavirus - COVID19

    100% disagree. Countless times I have seen people (who have the money to do it) leave this nation totally disatisfied with the treatment of chronic illness, to go to another country, often a 3rd world country, to get actually more effective treatment for certain conditions.
  12. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

    And Darby's favorite player growing up was Darrell Green.
  13. Coronavirus - COVID19

    How is that the U.S. has the worst scenario in the world, the worst containment, the most cases, and the most deaths ? I think there's more to it, than just our population. Because there are other nations just as populated that don't have it this bad, or spread this much. Seems our technology...
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