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    Random Redskins Thoughts

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    The Bombshell.

    It truly is disgusting. What a HORRID work environment. I hope, in the end, that Dan is truly held accountable. It went on for YEARS. These creeps were allowed to do their thing freely without punishment. The buck stops with Dan. He allowed this gross workspace to fester. Other guys...
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    On Taking a Stand and Redskins Fandom

    Whether any fan stays or goes - I don't begrudge their choice. It's a personal one, and people will choose what they want to do. One thing that is annoying that the last head coach under the Redskins official name is going to be that clown, Jay Gruden (and interim Calahan, I guess)!
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    Joe Bugel Has Passed Away

    Truly a sad loss. RIP to a coaching legend! Oh man, I'm not ready for that either fellas.
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    Identifying legit racial injustices - to me, it's good that it is on more people's radar these days. The name change - shouldn't apply. To me, it's pretty simple - if native Americans were overwhelmingly wounded and felt the name was racist - then of course, listen to them. When the Wash Post...
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    These dudes really are monsters in the weight room (referring to Allen squat clip posted earlier). Here's Chase:
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    Man - it never gets old watching the Doug Williams Super Bowl! Also, glad for Skins not to be on this list. Baahaha, I hope the Dak issue draaaaaags on and becomes a major distraction!
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    That's why you're my guy, El. We can disagree without being trollish or resorting to immature name-calling or digs (unlike elsewhere on the interwebz). Brown was prob more impactful - but there is the advantage of looking back and reflecting on it. With Kaep - were are still living in the...
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    Random Redskins Thoughts

    I have no issues with players that want to kneel.
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    Skins Quotes 5/28/20: DC Jack Del Rio

    Indeed. Good points Ryman. Haha, El, you and I were chatting abt this other day. With a legit D-Coord, RK91 won't be wasting plays covering RBs and TEs downfield. And given Sweat has some game experience under his belt, and Chase Young coming in - he won't have the pressure of being the only...
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    Skins Quotes 5/27/20: OC Scott Turner

    Yep, cool to hear that Haskins is putting in the work physically and in learning the offense. I think the most intriguing nugget is hearing Turner mention Simms, Gibson, and McKissic. Now there are several fast, versatile players he can line up in multiple spots on offense. Need some weapons...
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    Skins Quotes 5/14/20: C Keith Ismael, T Saahdiq Charles

    Love Ismael's answer to what drives him. Great mindset. That applies to life, not just football.
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    Quinton Dunbar TRADED

    Whew! Good thing we got out of the Dunbar business when we did.
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    Dwayne Haskins 'In my words...'

    Not really. They all post. Just because you pay attention to one more than another, I still think they all basically use social media for the same reasons.
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    Dwayne Haskins 'In my words...'

    I dunno. Why aren't Haskins' and Guice's twitter accounts also "simple accounts of today's youth"? Just by nature of being higher profile positions - qb and rb, compared to d-tackles, they may get more attention from media and fans, but I don't think there is any grand difference. All the...
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