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  1. Banks to get more time at Wr

    His catch was one of the plays of the game. Great to see.
  2. Redskins add RB James Davis to the Practice Squad

    Clinton Portis (his former, Bronco self) might have been the best of Shanahan's RBs. Not sure of his weight while playing with the Broncos, but I'd guess it's significantly smaller than those guys. Maybe 200? Different running back.
  3. Like Father, Like Son

    Hard to tell in highlight videos, but while he does look pretty good (speed, for instance), he's not quite the same as his dad. But then again, no one looks like his dad.
  4. Sunday Game Chat

    Oh, alright, twist my arm will ya? I do love CIL. I've used it both from the admin side and from the basic user side. Highly recommend it.
  5. DeAngelo Hall Hath Spoken

    From Ryan O'Halloran, formerly of the Washington Times: "Unofficial, but ... Andre Johnson vs. DeAngelo Hall yesterday--21 snaps. No catches for AJ80, only 103 yards offense by Hou on those plays." He also notes that it's hard to tell if the Redskins were in man or zone from time to time.
  6. Immediate Notes

    All I know is that the Redskins' defense got TOASTED by Schaub and the Texans. Especially Doughty and Rogers. You're right that there was very little pressure, but Schaub got the ball out fairly quick. He's a fantastic QB.
  7. OF: Redskins Media Edict: Things That Make You Go "Hmm."

    It's a private company, so the team, and the league, get to make the rules. Shanahan's point is that he doesn't want teams to know what he's doing as soon as he's doing it. Doesn't want teams to know every single thing the team does.
  8. NFL Pickem: Week 1 Results

    What about the last-place player from Week 1? It's Me! Oof. Knew I shouldn't have had any faith in the Browns. Oh well, 8-8 ain't too shabby.
  9. NFL Pickem! Don't Forget!

    I got Atlanta, but only because I don't trust Dennis Dixon yet.
  10. Redskins Genius: Pick the Final 53

    Holliday is a DE. OLB: I'd go Orakpo, Carter, Alexander, Wilson, Jackson (maybe the new guy, Hall Davis). I'd guess one more CB makes it. Do we need two FBs to make the roster? Sellers and Davis?
  11. The Final 53-Easier or Harder?

    I think Brandon Banks will probably be one of the LAST cut, if at all. Will depend a lot on next week's performance. The fumble was a big hurt. I just think keeping Kelly at this point is ridiculous.
  12. OF: Redskins Key Stats Tracker (Preseason Game 2)

    The Ravens would be a good test for the passing game. Tough pass defense. Jets are even tougher vs. pass.
  13. Redskins Insider: Redskins' executive director of communications leaves organization

    From the team's perspective, yes, I suppose there is a line that PR folks shouldn't cross. Theoretically, this could have been one of those "team sources." I don't know any of the details here, either.
  14. Redskins Insider: Redskins' executive director of communications leaves organization

    But will anyone believe it? Lots of compliments.
  15. Redskins Insider: Redskins' executive director of communications leaves organization

    I think this HAS to have something to do with the Haynesworth situation, no? I believe they've said that it doesn't, but come on. The timing is striking.
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