On missed opportunities:
“It’s a unique game to come away from. I rarely play a game where I felt like we had everything we wanted offensively throughout the entirety of the game. There was no ball or stretch where I felt like we couldn’t move the ball and yet no matter what we did, it still felt like we weren’t doing enough and it’s because of – I think – a few missed opportunities here and there and just a couple of plays that if they go our way or if they don’t go our way that could change the game and make a big difference probably there at the end. But still, despite of that, we scored 30 points and moved the football throughout the game but obviously it wasn’t enough.”

On inconsistency between games:
“We understand in the NFL that every game will be a fight to the finish and you’re going to have some frustrating losses, you’re going to have some wins by the skin of your teeth. It doesn’t mean that you’re a really bad or a really good football team. Everybody in the league is really good and you just have to learn from these tougher losses where we came up short and point to the plays where we weren’t good enough that end up causing the loss and try to prevent the mistakes so they don’t come up again.”

On the interception:
“I just felt some trash at my feet and wasn’t really able to transfer my weight and just kind of tried to touch it over the line, but the ball was high to Jamison Crowder and then there’s a defender behind him who catches it. So, that is the challenge of playing this position, you put the ball in the air 45 times, you’re making split-second decisions. There was trash at my feet all game long and one play, one throw that’s a foot too high can be many times the difference in the entire game and that’s where it becomes a challenging position and can be very tense throughout the game.”

On WR Maurice Harris’ touchdown reception:
“He’s been doing that in practice now, made one earlier this week that was a top-10 type play, a one-handed catch so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to us. We were so excited to have him become activated because he has practiced at a level that was deserving of that, last year as well. And at the end of the season last year, he probably didn’t get as many opportunities as he or we would’ve liked, but I think we’re excited about him going forward and what he can bring to the table and on top of that his ability and those hands, being a natural receiver. He’s the right kind of guy. He understands the running game well, blocks well, does his job, very unselfish, just the right kind of guy for your team.”

On having time in the pocket with the offensive line being healthy:
“It helped having them back. [The Vikings have] a good defensive line; they were doing a lot of different games and twists and things to make things tough for us up front, but we got the ball out of my hands and the receivers were getting open and finding ways to avoid the sacks until the last play.”

On if he notices more teams respecting his ability to throw deep:
“I didn’t notice a lot of safety help, I just noticed that their best corner, Xavier Rhodes, was traveling with Josh [Doctson] throughout the game. So they clearly said we’re not going to… Because typically Xavier usually plays on the left and Trae Waynes plays on the right, and they decided not to do that and they traveled Xavier wherever Josh went, left or right. So I’m sure there was a respect level there to do that, but Josh, I think, again today made a couple plays that you say, ‘Yeah, we can continue to develop him and there’s a lot of potential there.’ Falling down on the play in the tight red zone is just unfortunate, I don’t know what to do. It was a great design, he was open, I just don’t know what to do.”

On judging a deep throw when the rush is getting close:
“The key there is the safety is in the middle. He jumps the special… That was Terrelle [Pryor Sr.] running it. You’re just trying to be aware of the safety’s ability to baseball turn and go back and still make a play on it, so I threw it further than I would have wanted to complete it but I was also aware that the safety could potentially redirect, so that was tough. The one on the end of the game, the DB made a good play on that one too.”

On missed opportunities late in the game:
“That red zone series there we had the boot play where Josh [Doctson] fell down, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s unlucky. On second down, Crowder is open at the front pylon, the ball’s thrown a little bit back towards the one yard line and it was a tough catch and we didn’t come down with it. The third down play I didn’t pull the trigger, it was cloudy, and I didn’t want to throw it into coverage and I broke out to my left and tried to throw Jamison [Crowder] open on an off-scheduled play and the ball was there, he just got hit pretty good and the ball popped out. Three plays where people were open, but just didn’t come down with a touchdown unfortunately. That goes back to missed opportunities. The fourth and one, we had been good in short yardage with similar plays earlier in the game and we came back to a play we had run earlier that was similar to plays we had run earlier and we just didn’t hit. Didn’t work.”

On the amount of Vikings fans in the stands:
“I think the advantage comes by playing well. I think when we played the Raiders, I remember, we shut their fans up pretty good. When they made a play and got back in the game, and suddenly they were really loud. And then we didn’t have that advantage for a time, and we quieted them down again by playing well, we felt like we had it. I think that we’ve got to put a product on the field that people have something to cheer about, and they’re dying to cheer for us. When we have done that, it has been a great place to play, and that’s the dream. To put a product on the field that is the toughest ticket in town, and the place is rocking and it’s all burgundy and gold.”

On the level of desperation with teams starting to pull away in the division:
“I don’t know if I view it that way. We just play our schedule, and we view it as now we focus on the Saints. I’ve never gone into a game not desperate. 0-0 in the first game of the year, I feel a desperation when I play, a sense of urgency. It matters to me greatly, so it doesn’t really affect the way I go about my business as a professional. There’s desperation every snap, so there will be a sense of urgency this week, but shame on us if it isn’t there every single week.”


On the defensive performance today:
“Well, we started too slow as a defense. We knew this offense was explosive. We knew they were number one in explosive plays. We can’t give up the explosive [plays] that we gave up early. We gave them up early and often. Whatever we have got to do as a defense to rebound and to eliminate the big plays, we’ve got to do that next week in practice.”

On almost scoring on the interception:
“Yeah, man. I don’t know what I was doing. I really didn’t think Case [Keenum] was that close to me. I was about to dive and I guess he closed in on me. But I have to get in the end zone right there but I will next time.”

On what he didn’t expect from the Vikings’ offense:
“We were getting gashed in the run. When they passed the ball we were getting gashed in the pass [game]. We knew they were a good offense. We knew that was a good offensive line, a team that can run the ball and pass. They were number one in explosive [plays]. We just didn’t answer the bell. I tip my hat to the Vikings. They came out and ran it down our throat and passed it when they wanted. We just have to rebound and get better.”


On the inconsistency this season and what he blames it on:
“Can’t really blame injuries this week. We had most of our guys back and had a full 46 dressing. That’s not an excuse. We just got our butts kicked up and down the field defensively. There’s nothing else to it. I’m interested to watch the film and see where the issues were in line. It was just obviously not good enough.”

On how the Vikings don’t allow many sacks:
“I mean, one, [Case Keenum] is pretty mobile. He’s a good scrambler out there. They do a good job chipping with the tight end and running back. I know I got that a few times. They do a good job of putting him in advantageous situations. I mean, they were never really in a true third-and-long situation. That’s a big fault of ours today, is that we never really put them in an uncomfortable situation. They were doing so well on first and second down that they never really had a tough third down.”

On the Vikings’ screen game:
“That was disappointing as well because we felt like we had some good tips and alerts on when they would screen, but weren’t able to make the plays.”


On his thoughts on the game:
“It’s a tough loss. We competed every play so you know that we control our effort. Might not have went our way out there offensively, defensively, special teams, as a group, but we will get better. We’ll get better this week in practice and fix what we need to fix to move on to the Saints.”

On his touchdown catch:
“Yeah, it was just a go route. Kind of worked my guy at the line. I was running, I looked up and I saw the ball and I just reacted to it. I was surprised myself. I figured I was in but I wasn’t 100 percent sure.”


On his thoughts on the game:
“It was just a tough game. Me personally, I missed some opportunities that I should’ve took advantage of. Just a tough game.”

On if he felt his drops were difference makers:
“I think so. Just one of those days. It’s a tough day in our office. Just got to keep going and just try to bounce back next week.”

On WR Maurice Harris’ touchdown reception:
“Aw, man, it was crazy. He made a one-handed catch this week in practice and I’ve seen him make catches like that before, so I really wasn’t surprised. I was just happy for him, happy he was able to make that play. It’s his birthday week so I told him on the sideline, ‘Man, you had a great birthday weekend.’ I know that he’s capable of making plays like that, I’ve seen it in practice. He’s a really good player and I’m happy for him.”


On his thoughts on the game:
“We had moments where we were looking pretty good out there and moments where we were struggling a little bit. Now we just have to get in the film room and get better.”

On losing a high-scoring game:
“That’s just how football is sometimes. It’s a team effort, both sides of the ball. Sometimes the offense is going to do better, sometimes the defense is going to do better. That’s just how it works sometimes. Both sides of the ball went out there and played the best they could, put forth a lot of effort. But we weren’t able to come up with a win in the end.”

On momentum gained from S D.J. Swearinger’s interceptions:
“Oh, it’s awesome. Whenever you can get out there and have the ball on the two-yard line, it makes it pretty easy to score points as an offense. We just went out there and made the most of the opportunities with the turnovers. It’s great when our defense is able to create those for us.”


On stepping in after LB Will Compton went down:
“It was unfortunate with him going down but that’s always the nature of the game, next man up. Once I got in, I got real comfortable real soon and realized what they were trying to do on offense. [I] was able to go out there and make a few plays out there but unfortunately we just didn’t come out with the win so we just have to keep getting better.”

On if he was surprised by the Vikings’ offense:
“Not really, no. Watching them on field we knew that they had some great players. Stefon Diggs is a great receiver. Case Keenum, I think he was coming into the game like 4-0 with him starting, or something like that. But there were just a few plays out there that we didn’t capitalize on and they did and I feel like that was the outcome of the game.”

On the Vikings’ screen game:
“Really just good play calling from seeing what we were in and calling plays after that. A lot of their screens were checks. Just hats off to them and those guys. They made great checks when we were in certain play calls. We just have to go out there and make plays when they do happen and just get to the ball.”

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