On injuries:
“[Ryan] Grant is in concussion protocol. [Rob] Kelley, ankle/knee – he’ll get an MRI tomorrow. [Will] Compton has a foot sprain – he’ll get an MRI tomorrow. D-Hall [DeAngelo Hall] has a knee sprain – he’ll get an MRI.”

On if the game got away from them in the four minutes when the Vikings scored 21 points:
“That was an important part of the game, no doubt about it. We couldn’t get a stop on defense. Hats off to Coach [Pat] Shurmur and obviously Case [Keenum] and the two receivers, the running game. They were very solid all across the board. They had us guessing and they were able to run the ball, able to drop back and throw it wherever they wanted and were very efficient. We didn’t do a good enough job on third down or in the red zone defensively, and then the turnover at the end of the half offensively gave them another touchdown and put us in the hole by 11. They started the third quarter and then they go down and go up by 18 right away, so that was a big swing that we couldn’t tip it back.”

On if Vikings QB Case Keenum surprised him with what he was able to do today:
“I wouldn’t say surprised, no. You haven’t had a big dose of Case Keenum, really, just over his career. But I’ve always thought he was a tough, accurate quarterback and he showed that again today – very accurate. His receivers did a great job. His protection was very good. He was able to get off progressions and scramble and move around and when he did get out of the pocket, he hurt us with some scramble throws. So, he played extremely well.”

On if the fourth-down calls late in the game are planned:
“I think the ones we converted on were good. We had a good one to Chris Thompson. We had a running play that we hit to Samaje [Perine] and then the last one there, the running play to Chris Thompson, we just… I think we missed the three-technique and he jetted throughout the field, unfortunately. But, yeah, we try to plan for those situations throughout the week.”

On the reasoning for the secondary giving up big plays:
“I don’t know. I’ll have to look and see. I think one of them was a post-corner. I think one was a double move on Josh [Norman] really early in the game. One might have been a double move on [Bashaud] Breeland early. I think the scramble one with [Adam] Thielen was later. I’ll have to take a look at the tape. I think there is a combination when you give up big plays. One, we’re not getting enough heat, and, two, we have to do a better job on coverage.”

On missed opportunities:
“I feel like we missed a lot of opportunities today, especially offensively. It’s too bad. Against a good football team. They’re 7-2 now I think in their conference, or division, I should say. You have to make those plays. We’re good enough to make them and we usually will.”

On situational decisions towards the end:
“It was third down and second and one. Tried to line up quick and pound it in there for a yard. The guy made a heck of a play, I think it was [Eric] Kendricks. We had fourth and one, fourth and less than one so we had our short yardage, a little outside zone play. Went for it. It was less than one. If it would have been fourth and five or six, I probably would have kicked the field goal to go down by eight but since it was one, I thought we could get the yard and it didn’t happen.”

On third down efficiency and red zone efficiency:
“I think every OTA, every situational awareness is what we try to focus on and work on. Today we weren’t very good at either, on either side of the ball. They were five-for-five in the red zone, like I said. We were two-for-four. In third downs, I think they were close to 70 percent. We were close to 40. Those are obviously two, very, very important parts of the game you need to do well in to succeed in the NFL. We didn’t today. That’s why – part of the reason – we lost.”

On WR Maurice Harris moving forward:
“He’s another viable option for us. Maurice [Harris] is good because he can play all three positions. He’s physical. He can block in our running game, so it’s good to get him up. He’s been great on the practice squad and deserves an opportunity.”

On considering going no-huddle at the 7:00 mark:
“We were going pretty up-tempo there. We had some no-huddle plays called there, and we were hurried up and in and out of our huddle.”

On QB Kirk Cousins’ interception before halftime:
“Yeah, we had a mirrored out route on both sides of the field. He chose to work the one to our right and we had an underneath check down that he tried to get to [Jamison] Crowder and he just overthrew him. It got tipped and intercepted.”

On his discussions with T Trent Williams about his availability:
“On Trent, he said he was going to give it a go.”

On if it was the same situation with Williams as the Eagles’ game:
“He needed a couple of weeks off, I think, to let the thing calm down – the bone bruise. And it did a little bit. He had a couple of good workouts on Thursday and Friday where he felt like he could muster up enough energy to play. I’ll see how he’s doing afterwards and see if he can make it out there next week. We’ll see how he is.”

On the same scenario with C Spencer Long:
“Spencer didn’t start the game. You know, same thing I think when you have a new center. I don’t like to be flip-flopping centers all the time. But, I wanted to give Chase [Roullier] an opportunity to start and bring Spencer in to get his feet wet and acclimated back. And Chase played some guard for a little bit.”

On time spent practicing onside kicks:
“We practice it. I think he almost just missed the ball. But yes, they practice it. We just don’t go out there and say, ‘Hey, it’s time to do an onside kick – go for it.’”

On the impact of the team’s defensive play:
“It was good to see the defense bounce back. It was one of the worst defensive performances we’ve had since I’ve been here, in the first half. You know, 28 points and four touchdowns and whatever they wanted basically. They had big plays, play action plays, whatever they wanted. In the second half, it was good to see them come out with a little more energy and see D.J. [Swearinger] make those two plays and show the type of leader he is.”

On if he feels a loss of home-field advantage:
“I don’t sense that. Obviously with all the purple jerseys there in the front, but deservedly so, you know, our people are probably a little bit upset at us. But it’s our job to get the home field into the game and we didn’t do that at the end of the second quarter into the second half.”

On if the loss is a matter of injuries or inconsistency following last week’s win against Seattle:
“I think it’s a little bit of both. We all have to take credit for this loss. Players, coaches, everybody. And we weren’t just good enough. Hats off to Coach [Mike] Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings for coming here and playing extremely well. They had some injuries too. I think their best pass rusher didn’t play and their starting right tackle didn’t play. So they’ve had their share of injuries too. We just didn’t come out with the right recipe for success for today and couldn’t get it done.”

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