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  1. Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    So I see we signed Trevor Davis the WR who once joked about having a bomb at the airport. He was then arrested a few moments later. Looks like he has some talent. 5th round pick in 2016. Let’s hope he has grown up.
  2. Bostic not likely to receive suspension?

    I’m confused. This was a cheap shot. Everyone in the media is talking about it. They are blaming Dallas players for not physically fighting on the field after that hit. So if everyone is saying this was the worst cheap shot of the year thus far, how is he not suspended? Was it not a cheap...
  3. 2021 Draft Thread - Currently picking 3rd

    Yeah I gotta admit when I watch Micah Parsons I think, what if we??
  4. Trade Deadline Thread - Nov 3

    If we could deal the 3 players that Snyder wants for his movie then maybe he would lose interest and sell the team. Haskins Collins Kerrigan. Getting rid of Snyder would be the best thing that could ever happen to this team. I don’t mind if we keep Kerrigan. But anyone saying his production...
  5. 2021 Draft Thread - Currently picking 3rd

    Justin Fields or Trey Lance.
  6. The Defense!

    Who else can we package in a blockbuster deal with Haskins and Apke?
  7. The Bombshell.

    Owners need to grow some balls and get rid of that piece of shit.
  8. The Offense!

    Sadiq Charles at left guard this week is being rumored. And Scherff back at RG. I am hoping things start to improve right away.
  9. Best answer by a rookie to a dumb question from the home team media.

    Paraphrasing. Trevor Matich asking Chase Young on Sunday after the win. Trevor - Chase, what is your go to move with your hands when you engage an offensive lineman? Chase - I’m not going to answer that question on live . Go ahead and watch the games and you can figure it out. This is...
  10. Ryan Kerrigan named NFC defensive player of the week.

    Sorry. Can someone unsticky this. My bad.
  11. Ryan Kerrigan named NFC defensive player of the week.

    Glad the league noticed. Good for him
  12. Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    He was a stud in college. Found this article about him when apparently the Steelers were targeting him. The departure of Pro Bowl wide receiver Antonio Brown has left big shoes for the Pittsburgh Steelers to fill. There would be no bigger way to fill Brown’s shoes than by drafting the gigantic...
  13. The Positive Thread

    Jimmy the peoples corner Moreland, and Fabian 1st round talent Moreau. They showed up. Landon Collins is playing like a stud again. Johnathon Allen does not have to get everyone amped up. He can focus on playing. Daron, Montez, JA, RK and Chase all made big plays. Everyone gets to eat.
  14. The Positive Thread

    Chase Young omg. Not only speed. Not only power. Intensity and leadership. Kerrigan seems like a kid again too. I loved it.
  15. Game Day - 2020 Week 1 - Washington vs Philadelphia

    Prentzel getting Chased all game
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