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    Around the NFL - Free Agency / Transaction / Injury thread

    Jordan Reed has retired
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    BGO Blind Pig: Episode 5 - QB Draft Breakdown

    Kiper has us taking the Stanford kid at 51, fyi on updated mock
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    Who is the greatest?

    I listen to Bruce Prichard's podcast, he has openly stated the NWO and WCW's ratings are what drove them to a less kid friendly direction. This thread is derailing into a 1998 discussion of which show was better lol. Now I can barely watch any wrestling product, AEW hit or miss, TNA - crap - WWE...
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    Who is the greatest?

    The NWO is what ushered in the WWF changing their approach, they had been marketing to the kids demo for years, the NWO changed that when the 18-49 demographic started watching WCW and killed the WWF in ratings.
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    Who is the greatest?

    Well, quite frankly none of those guys exist without the NWO kicking off the 18-49 demographic wars of the late 90's but that's off topic. Not saying I disagree with your choice of Austin, but one could make the argument for Rock
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    Who is the greatest?

    That's a tough one, the Rock might have something to say about that Jabroni
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    BGO Blind Pig: Episode 3 - 2021 Draft Preview

    Yes they did call us the Redskins....wonder who posted that, way to point it out ST, another nice job gents, with the recent Darnold trade, were not going QB at 19, grab that Hokie for the line his name is a nickname, wrecks d lineman like a saw a Darrisaw
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    Virtual Draft Night Party!

    I should be a go unless something at work changes
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    NCAA Tournament Bracket Game

    I have not watched one minute this year, I really can't say why other than maybe because the season was so odd that it made it tough to get the mojo going to care.
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    Dan Snyder reportedly to buy all minority shares

    Might be low due to the contract signed when the shares were issued that they could only accrue at a certain pace . No way I see this as a means for getting Dan to sell, if I'm the other NFL owners I don't think I'd want any of my owner partners to have given out 40% to investors. We know the...
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    I guess it could be considered a controversy based on lack of overall coverage, I must concur it's probably a better suited topic for the NFL forum
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    Dan Snyder reportedly to buy all minority shares

    Looks like Dan isn't going anywhere anytime soon however it is depending on the other owners approval due to debt borrowing.
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    There's a few blurbs on here and there Chester but you are accurate in at least the news I listen to hasn't really said a peep.
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    BGO's Blind Pig - Episode 2 - Free Agency Recap

    Well done again folks, one of these days I'll have to join you plus needs more people with hair :unsure: imo
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    Iphones are overrated and people just are conditioned and hypnotized into the belief there products are superior.
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