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    Dan Snyder reportedly to buy all minority shares

    Moving the team doesn't change the underlying issues that would have caused the "boycott" to begin with and likely wouldn't lead to sponsors flocking to come back to the WFT. I don't see it as a fix at all and would, in reality, just cause Snyder to spend even more money at the end of the day.
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    Dan Snyder reportedly to buy all minority shares

    As I understand it, those shares are of less value due to the total lack of voting rights that go with them. The holders of those shares had literally no say in what happened with the team.
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    BGO's Blind Pig - Episode 2 - Free Agency Recap

    I have enough to cover for everyone. I think.
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    2021 Free Agency and Roster

    In case folks don't know, McLaurin and Samuel were teammates at Ohio State. Wonder if that played a part. I also find it interesting that in a year where many, including me, were predicting that guys would be looking for one-year deals because of the cap reduction, Washington has signed all...
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    Pick your 2021 QB Poison!

    Canadian Hog called. He says you misspelled Newton. :D
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    BGO's Blind Pig - Episode 1 - Free Agency Preview

    No offers yet. I'll keep everyone posted though.
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    Gone but not forgotten...

    Nice, brother. And a needed dose of humanity. And yeah...probably hot.
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    2021 Free Agency and Roster

    Honestly, a lot of vets on the wrong side of 30, just like Kerrigan, are going to see their value suffer this year because of the pending cap reduction. That is going to have the two-fold effect of flooding the market with talented guys when teams struggle to get under the number while also...
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    2021 Free Agency and Roster

    I'm feeling a little psychic today... :cool:
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    Assemble Your "All-Time" Redskins/WFT Draft Class

    1st Round - Sammy Baugh, QB 2nd Round - Paul Krause, DB 3rd Round - Russ Grimm, G 4th Round - Don Warren, TE 5th Round - Dexter Manley, DE 6th Round - Ed Simmons, T 7th Round & Beyond - Chris Hanburger UFA - Joe Jacoby, T On offense, it all starts with the QB and keeping them upright. On...
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    The Bombshell

    You might not like Bezos but his track record at winning is ridiculous and let's face it, most of the fan base would be lining up to kiss Dan's ass if he had delivered a regularly winning team and a couple of Lambari's over the last 25 years. Not only that, assuming any of the above is true, the...
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    The return of Trent Williams?!?

    No thanks. At 33 and with his history we might get 16 games out of him over the next TWO seasons. He isn't even a top 5 LT in the NFC now, much less the whole of the league. The business end of this game is hard on players over 30 not playing QB or K.
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    The Bombshell

    Sure they have influence but they aren't doing anything right now that they couldn't do without owning part of the team. Phil Knight isn't part of ownership yet Nike was hugely influential in the naming coup. Snyder didn't give the minority owners rights to any internal decision making and...
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    The Bombshell

    From a financial sense, why should he? He already has complete control of the team because the minority shares don't come with voting rights so buying them out gains him nothing in that end that he doesn't already have and would cost him money. At least that is the way I see it from what has...
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    The Bombshell

    His property at Great Falls has to be worth a lot as well, ST. And then there is any other property he owns around the world that we may not know anything about. Then there is RedZone Capital which is private so we are in dark there. I get where you are going with the math here and I don't...
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