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    Random Thoughts

    Haven't been to a concert in a big venue in decades... should be fun
  2. Miles Monroe

    Random Thoughts

    Got tickets for the Tampa show, 330$ for 2 tickets with all the fee's. Hotel will cost us more, but it a 2 minute walk to the venue.
  3. Miles Monroe

    What's a food you just cannot do?

    Tried liver a number of ways, and just cant do it, yet I love liverwurst. Asparagus is also a no go for me. I'll try anything at least once, and eat stuff that make others cringe like tripe.
  4. Miles Monroe

    New Fight song

    We were the Redskins Then the Football Team Now we're the Commanders And I just want to scream !
  5. Miles Monroe

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Boone
  6. Miles Monroe

    Rest In Peace Dwayne Haskins

    Just blown away by the news. Such a shame, God bless and God speed young man.
  7. Miles Monroe

    The Three Good Things Thread

    You get big points for the Alpha :) I mean... you know... beating the vid is also great LOL
  8. Miles Monroe

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the thoughts
  9. Miles Monroe

    Welcome Back J.D. McKissic!

    Best offseason news thus far...
  10. Miles Monroe

    The Three Good Things Thread

    Happy all are okay Chris. Has to be one of the weirdest things I've experienced... the slow motion, I've been through it more then once. Like John said, give it some time.
  11. Miles Monroe

    Announcement: New Site Name Launch!

    I was about ready to drive up to NC to have a little pow wow with Boone when I saw this thread....
  12. Miles Monroe

    Pick your poison - what do you want the new name to be?

    I'm pretty worn out with all of this to be honest. I have no ties to DC besides the name and logo I fell in love with as a kid. What bothers me the most (beyond the name change) is the "founded in" you see in every supposed logo. Do the Ravens claim they were founded in 1946 ? Ya moved a team...
  13. Miles Monroe

    Pick your poison - what do you want the new name to be?

    The year is wrong, should read 2022...
  14. Miles Monroe

    Official Game Thread & BGO Blind Pig: Week 18 - WFT at New York Giants

    Friends of ours were at the game, it didn't get any fuller from the pick they posted from the second quarter
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