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  1. Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    What I see is a long history of NFL quarterbacks taking time to develop and coaches, GMs and fans making the mistake of thinking because a player doesn’t put it all together in one or two years on a bad team with almost no coaching that it is time to move on. Jerry Glanville didn’t think much...
  2. Interesting Jalen Ramsey Rumour from Twitter

    Different cases. Rivera didn’t want to pay a zone corner like Norman $16M a year, that doesn’t necessarily mean a true cover corner would not be of some interest.
  3. I could watch this every week for the rest of my life Americans Game Redskins 1991

    Yep, one of the best teams in NFL history and in the pre-game Terry Bradshaw still picked the Bills to win because they wanted it more 😊
  4. I could watch this every week for the rest of my life Americans Game Redskins 1991

    It’s not hard to figure out. King is a NY guy who was always a Giants booster. Zimmerman was a big time Raiders fan and friend of Al Davis and although there was no long term rivalry in re Skins/Raiders, there was a good amount of hate in the 1980’s after the SB blowout and the trades between...
  5. Skins Quotes 5/20/20: Jon Allen, Landon Collins

    Jay Gruden’s practices and training camp didn’t properly prepare this team to compete in September. He didn’t stress the physicality of the sport and the need to run plays until they were executed properly. I recall one observer noting that Gruden ran a particular play twice in a camp practice...
  6. Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Folks care. But the reality is there are one or two qbs a decade that come into the league with no question marks like Andrew Luck. So teams and fans are always anxious about the development of the qb. And many of the best ones like Montana, Young, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Favre came into the...
  7. I could watch this every week for the rest of my life Americans Game Redskins 1991

    King is only impressed with quarterbacks. If a team finished 16-0 and won the Super Bowl he would denigrate them if they had a very good but not elite quarterback. The NFL is still the ultimate team sport. Unlike the NBA the LeBrons and Leonards don’t win each year. King didn’t like Brady...
  8. Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Joe Flacco and Nick Foles won Super Bowls. They have as many rings as Brees and Rodgers. We have to stop buying into the belief we need a golden unicorn to win something.
  9. Random Redskins Thoughts

    That commentary last night was strange. Manley has had a 101-104 fever for days and is now in hospital with breathing problems but the doctors said he wasn’t critical???? 😳
  10. Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    Haskins has to be the one first round quarterback I can recall that received absolutely no support from his head coach to prepare for his first season. In my own business I grew up with a strong mentor/coach that got me off to a strong start. I can only imagine all these years later - where...
  11. Dwayne Haskins- Improving His Physique

    These are two different players. RG3 never had the instincts to play from the pocket and unfortunately that wasn’t going to change. You can’t fight yourself. Haskins can play from the pocket and is showing he can be adaptable enough to develop other skills to speed his overall development...
  12. Skins Make Roster Move 5/14/20

    God hope he plays more like he did in 2017 rather than 2019. There were no injuries I know of but his decline was pretty precipitous with Houston.
  13. Quinton Dunbar TRADED

    Keim said other teams were offering a #6 or #7 for Dunbar before Seattle raised it to a fifth rounder. Sources told him Dunbar was not as highly thought of outside of DC. Teams looked at an oft injured player coming off the 29th ranked defense who only has one year left on his deal at 28 and...
  14. Random Redskins Thoughts

    He didn’t impress me in NY. I think Sims will be a good PR, so even there Latimer would probably have been depth. The kind of veteran WR this team needs is a guy with a history of catching the ball in the league. Latimer wasn’t going to tutor McLaurin or Harmon on pass receiving in the NFL...
  15. Jason peters

    Peters is 38. From what I read he is in touch with the Eagles and will return to Philly if he doesn’t get a decent offer elsewhere. We aren’t going to get him on a $3M deal plus incentives because the Eagles will give him that.
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