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  1. The Positive Thread

    No BS this is a 3-13 team that is rebuilding. As long as one realizes that they can watch the games and appreciate the development of younger players it’s fine. Anyone trying to gauge this team through the prism of contender status or high level expectations is bound to be disappointed.
  2. Adrian Peterson Released

    Could have put him on IR
  3. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

    The days of the 2019 ‘house divided’ team are over. This is not a contending team in 2020 but it is all pulling in the same direction for the first time in years. That to me gets this team to 6-10 or 7-9. Another draft brings in OL depth and perhaps a #1cornerback.
  4. Adrian Peterson Released

    If Smith is the #3 behind a guy in Allen that was undrafted in 2019 than it seems Smith is not being counted on to play. If he’s being kept as an on field and locker room coach for Haskins that’s fine. That’s the thing about a 3-13 team. There aren’t many sacred cows.
  5. Adrian Peterson Released

    Well it’s not a one for one decision but it’s still a 53 man roster and by keeping Alex Smith out of sentimentality meant someone else ultimately had to go. Keeping 3 qbs is a luxury especially when one is not likely to play. This means 4 backs instead of 5. Or keeping that fifth safety given...
  6. 53 Man Roster Thread

    It’s not difficult to believe that Thomas and Baugh could be better TEs than what we have seen in 2018 and 2019. Reed never took the field, Davis was 36 years old and didn’t want to block/make contact any longer while Sprinkle was most memorable as a result of dropped passes and missed blocks.
  7. 53 Man Roster Thread

    I am glad to see that Rivera kept the best performing players and was willing to take the hit and release a veteran like Davis that didn’t meet expectations or didn’t want to play here.
  8. Adrian Peterson Released

    Well, even a in his prime Peterson wouldn’t have made this team respectable the past couple of years. It’s a 53 man game as Belichick and guys like Reid have proven over and over again. This team was 3-13 and is REBUILDING, and that means favoring younger players who show promise to be here 2...
  9. The Bombshell.

    Snyder isn't good for NFL business. Washington is a top 5 market and Snyder has driven this team into the ground. Now there are not only ownership issues but also accusations the owner and team executives were little more than pimps. Think the NFL can simply run out the pink shoes this year...
  10. Training Camp Quotes 8/19/20: Kevin Pierrre-Louis

    Given the fact Rivera was a pro linebacker for many years I expect the team to make the right calls on the talent at that position. And Del Rio has shown he can scheme a defense, so if KPL is a find for us that others missed so much the better.
  11. WFT Names Jason Wright Team President

    We will know if Snyder has reformed himself if Wright is still with the team next year and doesn’t walk out or get fired for suggesting business is improved when there are fans attending games and buying merchandising. That didn’t work out so well with Lafemina.
  12. Training Camp and Preseason Thread - Twitter Heavy

    My guess is that Geron Christian will not be the opening day starter at LT. Rivera said they are giving him the first look but the support seemed tepid at best. Would it surprise me to see a trade for a veteran tackle? No.
  13. Training Camp and Preseason Thread - Twitter Heavy

    The truth is we really don’t know. If McLaurin is a 1,200 yard receiver and Love makes big plays out of the backfield the offense might not look so limited.
  14. Random WFT Thoughts

    As the ump says ‘let’s just play ball’ 🙂
  15. Derrius Guice Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

    Wow, LSU looks really bad here. Both incidents were reported and were not investigated? Somebody knew something because Guice was falling faster than Niagara Falls in the draft and teams that needed backs were passing on him.
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