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    The Positive Thread

    Sometimes little things can signal seismic shifts. Shortly after the WFT opened it's site (to keep fans informed about the culture and namechange journey the team has embarked upon) I submitted my ideas about a new name. Some could argue, the very fact the team recognized...
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    Chatroom Feedback!

    Hi everyone, As you all know, we have brand new chat software this year. It is very robust and feature-rich but as with any new software, there is a bit of a learning curve both for users and for me with setting options and changes. We have resolved the 'refresh' issue reported during the week...
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    WFT Quotes 9/21/20: Ron Rivera

    For those looking for it, I don't hear Rivera 'down' on Haskins one bit in these comments. Sounds to me like Haskins is learning, making progress, and that he's about where Rivera and Turner expect him to be. They also aren't shy about pointing out his areas of opportunity. I love that they are...
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    My Grandpa

    That's really awesome. Wherever he is, he is no doubt beaming with pride. Sounds like an amazing man. I wish everyone who ever has the opportunity to impact and mold a young person realized what it means. Thanks for sharing <3
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    WFT Quotes 9/21/20: Ron Rivera

    September 21, 2020 Head Coach Ron Rivera On G Brandon Scherff’s injury: “We’ve got some good news on him. It’s positive. He’s going to miss a couple of weeks or something like that, but it’s all positive. We’ll go from there. I’ll give you a full report on Wednesday, but just so you know it’s...
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    Comment by 'Boone' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    Weeks 3 and 4 are up and ready for selections.
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    is this Oline going to be the anchor for this team

    When he recently started talking more like he wanted to stay in DC, my interpretation of that subtle change was maybe he and his agent realizing the market is a lot softer than they’d thought. He’s not a top 5 guard even when he is healthy imho.
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    Game Day - 2020 Week 3 - Washington @ Cleveland

    I see the good guys bouncing back in this one. Haskins has the best performance of his young career. Gibson and McLaurin scores pave the way.
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    Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    Scherff placed on IR. Cam Sims added to active roster from Practice Squad today.
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    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    Not much new to add here except I think what we’ve seen the first 2 games is what we should expect. Defense will have its moments and against lesser opponents that may be enough to eke out some wins. But with a sieve and poor run blocking OL, our offense is going to struggle against good...
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    Comment by 'Boone' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    I will post the next 2-3 weeks of games by Tuesday night this week.
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    Today’s Inactives 9/20/20

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    Comment by 'Boone' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    Nice job for 5 of you on the Week 2 opener - not many saw the Browns taking this one!
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    Jonathan Allen on Week 1 Win

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    WFT Presser 9/17/20: Ron Rivera

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