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  1. The Trent Williams question

    I apologize for not going through the thread and then posting, but I’ve largely been in the same spot about Trent for a while. I largely appreciate how valuable he is and has been. I completely appreciate that he had no love for the previous regime; duh. I get he had a major health scare that...
  2. BGO: Humpty Dumpty

    The original poem never indicated Humpty was an egg. Even if Smith came back and could play without the ghost of his prior injury in his head (he was already over cautious), he’s still largely worthless to us. Does anyone believe Smith will come back, light up the league and lead us to a Super...
  3. Almost done

    You go boy! Go and run away from this dumpster fire! I wish I was as strong as you. I want to get out, but every time, "they pull me back in."
  4. The Surefire Method To Making The Best Pick In Round 1

    It's a great concept, but you've forgotten the Samoan and big guy principles. Danny can be Danny because he's not a wonder bread eating white boy. With a 350 lb Samoan, you almost want a cute name, like tiny. It also ties into the giant fat boy principle. Guys like Randy White, Dan Hampton, Dan...
  5. BGO's Own Obsession: The Offensive Line

    Mack. That would be my #1target in FA. Let the young guys on the roster compete at guard; Leribus, Hurt, Gettis. Then draft a RT in the 2nd,3rd, or 4th.
  6. Things are looking up for Redskins Nation

    All I see is an owner who is now essentially saying, the GM who's been here since right before, and who supposedly hired Shanahan is now the guy who's going to right the ship. That the guys who evaluate talent, and have been here for ten years are now going to provide us with the talent to be...
  7. What If It's Briles?

    Briles is unhire-able for the Skins. Huge PR nightmare. I don't know how you convince free agents the inmates aren't running the asylum at that point, much less other coaches for his staff. I also don't notice any other teams standing in line to hire him so I'm not sure why the Redskins should...
  8. Redskins Relieve Mike Shanahan of Duties

    Problem #1, the goal of this organization should not be to "put this team back in the playoffs", it should be to win a championship. Snyder has always set his sights too low. Winning a division, getting to the playoffs. He'd better seriously consider hiring a true GM before doing anything else...
  9. Free Agency:

    He was misquoted, what he really said was: "I want to win lots of $$ right now."
  10. Dan Dierdorf=asshat?

    We're into garbage time as far as announce teams go. It's unbelievable this guy used to be part of the Monday Night Football booth with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford. Just shows how far the field has progressed since then I suppose.
  11. I've had it

  12. Dear Redskins

    I'm really disappointed at the lack of O-Line signings so far. I would like to see them sign Dahl and re-sign Brown. I don't really view this team as a time to load up and make a run at a championship team. They look more like they're building something that will be effective a year or two...
  13. BGO.C.D.: Kevin Kolb Gets 'Ramsey-ed'

    I suspect poor O-line play had a hand in this decision as well.
  14. Key to the Game!

    Isnt it always the same thing? Running the ball and stopping the run.
  15. Mark of Success?????

    I'd measure a successful year as one where we stay the course regardless of our W-L record. If Snyder fires Shanahan after 1-2 years because we haven't exceeded expectations, I don't know what I'll do. I'm tired of hearing Snyder define our season as one where we should be competing for the...
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