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  1. Random WFT Thoughts

    Would love to get the convo back to football :) (see prior post in response to KDawg)
  2. Random WFT Thoughts

    KDawg - I respect your football acumen a great deal and so I had a few questions to your points - all in red below within quoted text. Would be curious to get yours (and others) take. I was unable to watch the game myself as I was out of the country for work but have been hearing accolades...
  3. Random WFT Thoughts

    Honestly, who cares?
  4. Random WFT Thoughts

    If that's the case, then we are screwed. No way Kirk signs deal.
  5. Random WFT Thoughts

    My personal feeling is this is the exact kind of game where Kirk needs to get an early lead which forces them to beat us with Dak's arm rather than Eliott's running. It will be a long day if Eliott is allowed to grind it out vs. us. I'm still not sold on this defense. Too much lack of or thin...
  6. Random WFT Thoughts

    Agree and we need a real ILB in next years draft. Unfortunately, for now we are stuck with him. I have been happy w/ S'ua Cravens, though. Seems like he'll pan out.
  7. Random WFT Thoughts

    Was Doctson's injury known to be an issue before the draft? I didn't pay attention since i didn't think he was even on our radar screen.
  8. Random WFT Thoughts

    I'm growing concerned about Doctson's lingering Achilles injury. Seems to smell vaguely like a bust. I don't care that we are ok at the WR position and he doesn't need to contribute right away - a first round pick needs to show he can be impact in the first year, IMO.
  9. GAME DAY! Preseason Wk. 1 vs FALCONS

    Nick - I thought he had a pretty decent run game w/ Giovanni Bernard, etc.? Definitely isn't the key to his offense but it was serviceable. Ours is a joke. Good thing is that run game isn't necessary for success - see Patriots.
  10. GAME DAY! Preseason Wk. 1 vs FALCONS

    Bulldog - I can't agree with you more. It's very strange why such a glaring hole in the roster (both interior DL and interior OL) were overlooked. We did absolutely nothing to improve either in the offseason with the exception of Ziggy Hood - and that's really a "maybe". So frustrating. I...
  11. GAME DAY! Preseason Wk. 1 vs FALCONS

    The lack of run game is precisely what concerned me when we took no steps to improve our OL in the offseason. As this game may be showing us, is that the folks we have in the interior now just aren't getting the job done. I'm not sure all of the blame can be placed on the RB if they can't even...
  12. Random WFT Thoughts

    Yeah, I'm not feeling a last-minute Captain Kirk signing happening today. Apparently the deadline is 4pm so we will know in a little over 4 hours.
  13. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2016 (Continual Updates)

    Please please please, let us have found a young future starting C in Reiter. Still feel like this is a big weak spot in the OL. I would 100% support this. Hoping the kid we drafted last year from Alabama is ready to push for a spot on the OL at guard (Arie Kouandjio) BTW, great post BB. It's...
  14. Random WFT Thoughts

    There is (obviously) still time to sign a veteran RB to the roster. Perhaps post-June 1. Available: Pierre Thomas (who I prefer given his experience last year) Arian Foster Ahmad Bradshaw Others?
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