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The Om Field is one of the best fan-written sports blogs on the web. Featuring long-time Redskins blogger Mark Steven, the Om Field always offers a literate, insightful, and (dare we say) poetic look at all things Redskins. Steven honed his craft during more than a decade as primary staff writer for Extremeskins.com. His work has appeared in numerous web-based blogs, journals, and websites including Hail! Magazine, and of course, currently here at BGObsession.com. If you're looking for intelligent, beautifully-written Redskins analysis, look no further than The Om Field!

Skinscast is two shows in one. The show's core is made of a group of guys who grew up rooting for the Washington Redskins, including founders John Pappas and Brian Reffkin, Brian Murphy, and others. Some went on to cover the team as reporters and photographers. Others went on to work for the Redskins. Despite this, they still share a passion for the team while bringing insight and inside knowledge that can only be gained by being inside the locker room and developing relationships with the players and coaches. The other group is the Writer's Round table. The writers are made up of some of the best, most experienced journalists who cover the team. Combined they feature over 60 years of Redskins coverage. The most experience covering the Redskins you will find in any one place. This mix of experience and inside information make Skinscast the best Redskins-related podcast anywhere.

Jim Gehman, in addition to being a friend of the site, is an outstanding NFL historian and talented writer. Gehman's 'Then Gibbs Said to Riggins...' is a classic collection of stories, quotes, and anecdotes capturing the essence of the Washington Redskins glory years, and amust read for Redskins fans . Gehman has also authored 'Then Levy Said to Kelly...' and has covered sports in print and on television since he was a teenager in the late 1970's. He has written articles for numerous organizations and publications including the NFL Alumni Association, Warpath! Magazine, Shout! Magazine, Silver & Black Magazine, and Hail! Magazine. Jim has also been an active contributor for numerous NFL-related websites and has been a columnist for the New England Patriots Football Weekly and Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine.

Henry Suchman Design is a comprehensive design studio specializing in logos, banners, direct mail, flyers, corporate manuals, magazines, newsletters,websites, and advertising design. With over 15 years of design experience, including work with a number of major magazines and top newspapers, Henry uses his wealth of knowledge and state of the art graphic tools to provide superior results. You've got something to say. An effective designmakes sure that you maximize your opportunity to drive that message home with your reader without wasting your time or your money. Let Henry Suchman Design help you say it.

Sight Glass Imageworks is a photographic conversion site specializing in colorization of classic black and white images. Owned and operated by BGO's own Peter Felice, Sight Glass Imageworks performs photographic magic, transforming archival images pixel by pixel to beautiful color format. Available for private or commercial work, we highly recommend Sight Glass Imageworks. Even if you aren't interested in converting your own family photos, take a moment to check out Pete's amazing work!

'It Is What It Is' is a great little Redskins blog written and managed by our friend and BGO member Walking Deadman. As the site description states, it's a 'blog about the Washington Redskins, football, sports, and pop culture'...Unpretentious and down to earth, we love the simple straightforward approach IIWII employs. We think you will too.

'The Hog Sty Network' is a great little Skins fan resource site. The Sty is home to some great fan blogs, a 'Skins Social Media Tracker' where you can locate your favorite players on social media, a 'Roster, Cap, and Free Agency' section. One of the best features at the Sty is their great little podcast, one of the best we've heard. Great little site run by some awesome Skins fans. Highly recommended. Check out everything that The Hog Sty has to offer!

Home Vision Photography is a premier real estate photography service! With years of experience, their goal is to set the standard for real estate imaging. Home Vision Photography has been featured in many publications such as Luxury Home Magazine and The Baltimore Sun. By using proven methods, Home Vision Photography will provide marketable, dynamic photography that will provide the tools to help you get your listings sold!

Last Word on Sports is a great little 'all things sports' site covering a multitude of topics including the NFL. LWOS provides breaking news on the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and College Sports - but best of all, Redskins coverage is provided courtesy of our very own BGO Draft and FA expert, Burgundy Burner. Check out this great sports news site and follow Last Word on Sports on Twitter via @Lastwordonsport.

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