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The BGO Member Map utilizes Google technology to capture the location of individual members and the geographical 'footprint' of our membership. While obviously many of our members hail from the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, Redskins fans from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom also call BGO home. We hope to eventually have all members of the BGObsession community listed on the map.

Remember, for the more privacy-concerned among our membership, you do not have to *pinpoint* your exact location. A general location for where you live serves our overall purpose, to map the scope and geography of our community, is well served just by identifying your city or town, state, and country. Remember, you may remove your personal marker from the map at any time. Once you've added yourself to the BGO Member Map, your location will also be linked beneath your name in your post-bit in all forum posts.

We hope you'll take a second to add yourself to the BGO Member Map by clicking on the 'Add Myself to the Membermap!' link located above the map.


The BGO Staff

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